14001/14002 Samjhauta Express

About Samjhauta Express

The Samjhauta Express is jointly administered by the Indian Railways and the Pakistan Railways. When the train was introduced, the Pakistani Railways (PR) and the Indian Railways (IR) made a settlement. So, half of the year, Indian Railways operates it. For the remaining half of the year, the Samjhauta Express is run by the Pakistani Railways. The Samjhauta Express train number is 14001 and 14002 when it carries passengers from Delhi to Atari.

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History of the Samjhauta Express

Before the Thar Express was introduced, Samjhauta Express was the only train to Pakistan from India. The train carried passengers for the first time in the year 1976, on 22nd July after the Shimla Agreement was signed. It carried passengers from the city of Amritsar in India to Lahore in Pakistan. At that time the Samjhauta Express was a daily train. But, in the year 1994, it became a bi-weekly train. In the year 2000, Pakistani Railways and the Indian Railways signed an agreement, and the route of this train was revised. The termini of this train are Pakistan’s Lahore and India’s Delhi. The crossing of borders takes place between India’s Atari and Pakistan’s Wagah.

Now the train between Delhi to Atari is devoid of commercial stops. Many assume it to be the Samjhauta Express, but it is mainly the Delhi-Attari Express. The original Samjhauta Express runs from Attari to Lahore.

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What is the route followed by the Samjhauta Express?

The Samjhauta Express route is from Attari to Old Delhi and Old Delhi to Attari. The distance between these two stations is 27 km.

What is the speed of the Samjhauta Express?

The Samjahuta Express speed is 6 km per hour. It is its average speed. The train takes 4 hours and 10 minutes to reach from Atari to Lahore. It departs from Atari at 11:30 and arrives Lahore Junction at 15:40 on the same day.

Facilities provided by the Samjhauta Express to its passengers

Mainly two trains carry passengers from India to Pakistan and vice versa. The Samjhauta Express is one of them. So, it acts as a significant link between the two countries. There are more than 8 coaches in the train. As the train travels a very short distance, pantry car services are not available. The seats are standard, and the toilets are clean.

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14001 Samjhauta Express from Old Delhi to Atari, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs Platform No.
DLI Old Delhi Junction  Starts 23:10 1
ATT Atari Shyam Singh 07:15  Ends 1

14002 Samjhauta Express from Atari to Old Delhi, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs Platform No.
ATT Atari Shyam Singh  Starts 20:00 1
DLI Old Delhi Junction 03:20  Ends 1

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Samjhauta Express Fare Information

14001 / 14002 Samjhauta Express Fare

  • For Third AC Class (3A) the fare is about Rs. 460
  • For Sleeper Class (SL) the fare is about Rs. 175
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