7th Pay Commission- 7CPC

7th Pay Commission:

7th Pay Commission is going to increase the allowances, salary and other job advantages of government employees and that’s why they are eagerly waiting for it to execute. 7th Pay Commission had been set earlier at the time of independence for making changes in the salary structure of government employees. The Prime Minister approved the 7th Pay Commission and it was recommended to put into execution by January 2016. It was not executed at the given time due to some issues.

According to this commission, it is confirmed that the salaries and allowances will be increased by 23.55%. It was estimated that the 7th Pay Commission will be applied in January 2017. The Uttar Pradesh government has already started implementing the 7th Pay Commission.


Minimum Salary for a government employees and workers

The minimum salary of a new government worker at entry level is increased from Rs. 7,000 to Rs 18,000 monthly and for a worker of Class I Officer, it will be increased to Rs 56,100 monthly. Some government workers also have chances to get their salary increased to Rs 2.25 lakhs.

Pay Matrix

Due to some issues with the Grade Pay Construction, 7th Pay Commission was recommended the system to start pay matrix. This will start when 7th pay will be executed.

New Pay Structure

The new pay structure has not set up any new degree or level but includes all the existing levels.


There will be no partiality or discrimination when the commission is executed as it will include uniform Fitment Factor.

Modified Assured Career Progression

The system will focus on enhancing the quality of services of the government. The operations have been incorporated to inculcate excellence in the work quality.

Military Service Pay

MSP will be reimbursed to Defence Personnel only for all the positions.


The allowances will be shortened from 196 to 37 in 7th Pay Commission. It will also increase home rent allowance by 24%, HRA will increase by 27%.


There will be a revision in the existing pension scheme. The new scheme will pay attention towards equality of present landlords and current pensioners. The new pension is evaluated on the basis of new Pay Matrix system. A pensioner will be benefitted 2.57 times more than the present standard pension.


The gratuity will tend to increase from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh and further when DA is increased to 50 %, the maximum gratuity will increase to 25%.

Disability Pension for Armed Forces

A slab based system will be initiated with the introduction of 7th Pay Commission.

Salary and Benefits of 7th Pay Commission

The 7th Pay Commission benefits the Central Government employees by providing salary and benefit calculator to calculate their future salary. All they need to do is visits the site that have salary calculator instructions. The user needs to submit their current grade pay, basic pay, HRA %, travel stipend and press the calculate button. This will show the salary and benefits of 7th Pay Commission.


  1. What are the benefits of introducing the 7th Pay Commission?

The working-class workers are going to have benefits of 7th Pay Commission to a great extent. This new pay-check establishment will increase the present incomes of pensioners and employees to 2.57 %.


  1. What is the most recent standard salary of the entry-level personnel?

The entry-level personnel will have a pay of Rs18, 000 and the highest positioned personnel will have a pay of Rs 2.5 lakh as per 2018 budget.


  1. What is the new Fitment Factor of the 7th Pay Commission?

It will be 3% increment as recommended by the Finance Minister.


  1. What are the modern changes to the new suggestions in the 7th Pay Commission?

This principle is not considered for advances in any case.


  1. What is Pay Matrix?

This commission will depend on new criteria for payments known as Pay matrix not as per the previous method of grade pay.


  1. What will be the maximum pay of government employees?

Fore Apex scale employees, the maximum salary will be Rs 2.25 lakh monthly and for Cabinet officers, it will be Rs 2.5 lakh.


  1. When will the 7th Pay Commission be introduced?

All the changes of 7th Pay Commission will be introduced in August 2018.


  1. What about the status of arrears?

It is not finalized yet that whether they will be discharged or will come in instalments.


  1. What is the application time of introduction of 7th Pay Commission?

It is said that the 7th Pay Commission will apply from July 2018 onwards.


  1. What return will the entire episode get?

It is believed to get an extra income of Rs 1.02 lakh crore to execute the changes considered in 7th Pay Commission.


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