Elgandal Fort -ఎలగందల్ కోట- Karimnagar

About Elgandal Fort – Karimnagar

The Elgandal Fort Karimnagar also known as “Elagandula Khilla” was located 10 km distance from the Karimnagar, Telangana. This is one of the best Historical and Religious places in Telangana state, the fort is narrating glories of its posterity. Once upon a time, it was under control of the Nizams of Hyderabad and Mughal Empire. During the period of Nizams, it was the headquarter of Karimnagar district. This fort is a regular visiting place in the state of Karimnagar tourism.

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Elagandula Khilla History

Elgandal Town was ruled by Zafar-Ud-Daulah in 1754 and built the glorious Elgandal Fort. It is a major landmark place in the map of Karimnagar. To claim the occupancy in the fort, many wage wars are happening and the historical fort was ruled by dynasties like Asaf Jahis, Brahmanas, Kaktiyas, Yadavs, Mughals and Qutub Shahis. To enter the Elgandal fort, they’re having one magnificent entrance gateway. Near to the fort situated Manair river.

Elagandula Khilla
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In the past, Elgandal can be also known as Tellakandula, Bahudhayapuran, and Veligandula, later they changed the name to Elgandal. In the fort, you can find various Muslim Saints which including dargahs like Syed Maroof Saheb, Vali Hyder Sahib, Syed Shah Munawar Quadri Saheb, Shah Talib Bismillah and Doola Shah Saheb. Here also have the huge number of Islam flowers near to the devotees.

Mughal Emperor built an excellent attractive place Alamgir mosque. The fort was established in Hills, so it also called as Elgandal Khilla. The ‘Kaman’ of the fort was constructed with great architecture, visually it greets the tourists.

Elgandal Fort
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Attractive places in Elagandula Khilla

Visitors are attracted for various graves and mosques in the Khilla and amazing Brundavan pond found at the entrance of the fort from the East.

Nearby Attractive Locations

  • Narasimha Swamy Temple
  • Lower Manair Dam
  • Neelakanteshwara Swamy temple
  • Silver Filigree, Handicrafts, Karimnagar
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple
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Elgandal Fort Visiting Timings

To visit the Elgandal Fort the timings are as follows: From Morning 9 AM to 5 PM every day.

Way to Elgandal Fort

1. To travel from Hyderabad to Karimnagar is 165 km distance from there you can go through any private vehicles (or) using TSRTC buses

2. To travel from Warangal to Karimnagar is 70 km distance from there takes a private vehicle to visit Elgandal fort.

3. To travel from Nizamabad to Karimnagar is 149 km of distance.

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Bus Services to Reach the Elgandal Fort Karimnagar

  • To reach the Karimnagar, there are many Bus services are available from Nizamabad, Hyderabad, Warangal, Medak and more places.
  • Bus transport service from Jubilee bus stop to Karimnagar
  • Shamshabad airport is the nearest airline service to the Karimnagar
  • From Karimnagar, Elgandal fort is in the distance of 16 km.

Train services to Reach Elgandal Fort

Karimnagar is only the major railway station and it connects all cities.

Accommodation places in Karimnagar

Karimnagar district providing a wide range of luxury, deluxe hotels, and lodges for the tourists. You can stay in your preferable hotel based on your budget & also you can find TSTDC i.e Telangana tourism Hotels.

Telangana State Tourism Department Corporation

Hotels list in Karimnagar

  1. Manair Hotel: Contact No. 0878-2245879
  2. Prathima Residency: Contact No. 0878-2233666
  3. Swetha Inn: Contact No. 9676100333
  4. Kalpana Hotel: Contact No. 0878-6503985
  5. Srinivasa Hotel: Contact No. 0878-2243201

Elgandal Fort Contact Numbers

  • Karimnagar Tourism Contact Number: 19440816070
  • Telangana Tourism Contact Number: 040-23450444
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