7th Pay Commission – Latest News Updates – 01 Apr 2018

7th Pay commission is the pay commission decides hike for for all central Government employees & which happens once in every 10 Years. On this day many new financial rules & acts come into effect for all the government employees in India. According to earlier news updates the pay hike related recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission was to be in effect from 1st April 2018 but till now no updates were released regarding this from the Government side & finance minister. 7th Pay Commission for salary amendment is effective from 1st April 2018 but at least hoping that it will be released soon because the general elections are to be held in next year in 2019 & employees may hope that their demand may fulfill.

The government employees, receiving salaries from payout level 1 to 5 are expected to receive increase in minimum payout to Rs 21,000 from Rs 18,000 from April 1, 2018 & also increase in fitment factor from 2.57 times to 3.00 times of the basic pay.

Government employees still not yet clear regarding the final consideration of the 7th commission pay. There are also Chances that lower-level employees are likely to get minimum pay hike from Rs 18,000 to Rs 21,000 and middle-level employees may not see much a raise. About 47 to 48 lakh government employees are excitedly waiting for the good news from the government of India.

On February 12 ,2017, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley focused on the union of all Group B officers with Group C staff cadres of all Directorates under Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC). If a hike in minimum pay and fitment factor is on the way, the central government employees may not see arrears in pay commission.

If the government decides to provide arrears on higher minimum pay, that will bring huge additional burden to the exchequer because no update was provided from respective department concerned ministry and Government.

For the new financial year 2018 Government as increased tax saving gratuity limit to 20 Lakhs from earlier 10 Lakhs for all Private sector employees & by default for Government employees.

The 7th pay commission may not be the last pay commission to decide the hike for all government employees in India. The Government is planning to remove the practice of pay commissions in future and also thinking to change the system by implementing the yearly review of central government staff’s salaries on the basis of latest price index. According to the Financial Express- 7th pay commission Chairman Justice Shri AK Mathur mentioned that the payout for central Government employees can be reviewed & revised time to time instead of waiting for 10 years.

Government also mentioned that removing the pay commissions is not the agenda for now. As per earlier notification the 7th pay Commission need to be in implementation from 1st April 2018 but still Central Government employees need to wait for the official update from the Government.

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