Live train running status

About Live train running status

In the Indian Railways, Live train running status indicates the current location of a particular train and also if it’s delayed for some reasons. It can also be used to know the arrival time of any train like Padatik Express or Dakshin Express to a particular station.

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The things that matter while checking the live status of any running train are its reporting time to the previous station and the estimated time of its arrival at the upcoming station.

Last Reported Station and Estimated Arrival Time

The last reported station is crucial because based on the entry of the train to any station and its departure time from the station, its live running status is calculated. This feature makes us aware that the train has reached and then left a particular station. In this way, we can check the Train status of the Rajdhani Express on any station in the Rajdhani Express route.

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The estimated arrival time can now be calculated with the help of live train running status. It calculates a supposed time at which a train is likely to enter a particular station along its route. In this way, the passenger could reach the station from where he boarded the train on time instead of reaching beforehand and then waiting for hours. For example, the Visakha Express speed is 50 km per hour as it travels from Secunderabad to Bhubaneswar. But, sometimes you can face train delay. By checking the assumed time of arrival, you can stay updated and thus, save your valuable time and energy.

What is the importance of checking live train running status?

The running status updates of trains frequently change as the train is continuously in motion. So, on the day of your journey, it is advisable that you check the running status of the train you are about to board at frequent intervals. As the train approaches the station from where you board it, the information about its live status approaches more accuracy. In this way, you can check the time at which the Poorva Express train number 12303 is supposed to reach the Durgapur station on its way from Howrah to New Delhi. You can also see at which platform the train is going to stop. In short, you don’t have to ask others or run from one platform to another when the train arrives at the station. There is also a route map that helps passengers to form a clear idea about the route of any train.

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