Dena Shakti Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs

Dena Shakti Scheme

Dena Bank provides several financial services to promote women entrepreneur businesses in India. The main aim of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs in women. Get more about the Dena Shakti Scheme from here.

The Dena Shakti Scheme is one such scheme offered by the Dena Bank. Loans under this scheme are received at an interest rate of 0.25% in comparison to parallel business loans.

These business loans are offered to women who are involved in the agriculture sector, manufacturing sector, and allied activities.

Dena Shakti Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs
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Women entrepreneurs who administrate retail stores, micro-enterprises or small enterprises and the micro credited facility can also receive this loan. The below sectors and activities are included in this scheme:

  • Agriculture and allied activities
  • Micro and Small Manufacturing enterprises
  • Small business ( Indirect and Direct Finance)
  • Micro and Small firms which cover small water transport, small road operators, self-employees, small business professionals and all various service enterprises
  • Micro Credit
  • Retail Trade
  • Housing
  • Education

Loan Amounts under Dena Shakti Scheme

Loan Amounts under Dena Shakti Sheme
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The maximum loan amounts decided as per the rules and regulations of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The loan amount credited for various sectors listed below:

  • Under Retail Trade: Rs. 20 Lakhs
  • Under Housing and Education: Rs. 20 Lakhs
  • Under Micro Credit: Rs. 50,000

Benefits of Dena Shakti Scheme:

  • The combo of the term loan and working capital
  • 25% concession in the interest rate for women entrepreneurs
  • The term of the loan is 1 to 3 years

Dena Shakti Scheme Application Form

The application form for Dena Shakti Scheme can receive from the MSME branch of UBI (Union Bank of India). The below details are the required fields in the form:

  • Name of the enterprise and Address
  • Belonging to SC or ST or OBC or Minority
  • Phone number
  • E-mail ID address
  • PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card
  • Constitution (Pvt. Ltd. Co./ Partnership / Proprietary / Limited Co. / Co.-op. society)
  • Establishment Date
  • Name, address and PAN details of partners /proprietors/ directors of the company
  • Banking and current existing details of credit card
  • Details of Loan
  • Collateral Security Details offered

Dena Shakti Scheme Website: https://www.denabank.com/viewsection