Humsafar Express

About Humsafar Express

The Humsafar Expresses are the most magnificent long route trains in India. The Bollywood touch in the name of the train suggests that it aims to be the travelling companion of middle-class people who dream to travel in class but can’t afford to travel in deluxe AC trains as the tickets are too costly.

The Humsafar Express started its service in the year 2016, on December 16. It carried passengers from Gorakhpur to Anand Vihar. Indian Railways is its parent company.

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Humsafar Express Train Speed

The Humsafar Express contains 26 Trains and these trains speed is 53 – 65 km per hour. It is the average speed of this train. Its average running status has been ranked excellent by passengers.

Humsafar Express Train Route

The Humsafar Express contains 26 Trains and these trains routes are such as  Gorakhpur to Anand Vihar Terminal, Sri Ganganagar to Tiruchirapalli, Chennai to Ahmedabad, Udaipur to Musuru, Bangalore Cantonment to Agartala, Katihar to Delhi, Howrah to Vijayawada, Howrah to Yesvantpur, Sealdah to Jammu Tawi, Durg to Hazrat Nizamuddin and etc

Advantages of travelling in the Humsafar Express?

The Humsafar Express aims to give the experience of luxury travelling to middle-class people at pocket-friendly prices. The efficient fire detecting systems and CCTV of these trains ensure safety, something that other trains fail to give.

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List of Humsafar Express Trains

There are total 26Humsafar trains in India. Some of the Humsafar Express trains are:

Gorakhpur- Anand Vihar Terminal Humsafar Express The Gorakhpur-Anand Vihar Terminal Humsafar Express speed is 60 km per hour. It takes 13 hours and 50 minutes to travel from Gorakhpur Junction (GKP) to Anand Vihar Terminal (AVNT). The distance between these two stations is 893 km.

Chennai- Ahmedabad Humsafar Express The Chennai-Ahmedabad Humsafar Express train number is 22919/22920. The train started its first service in the year 2017, on 10th May. The operating speed of the train is 55 km per hour.

Bangalore Cantonment- Agartala Humsafar Express The Bangalore Cantonment-Agartala Humsafar Express route is from Bangalore Cantonment to Agartala. The operating speed of the train is 65.66 km per hour. The train numbers are 12503 and 12504.

Howrah-Vijayawada Humsafar Express The Howrah-Vijayawada Humsafar Express train number is 20889/20890. The Howrah-Vijayawada Humsafar Express route is from Howrah Junction to Vijayawada Junction.

Sealdah-Jammu Tawi Humsafar Express The Sealdah- Jammu Tawi Express will carry passengers from Sealdah to Jammu Tawi. The Eastern Railway zone will operate this train.

Facilities that you will get in the Humsafar Express

No other train can beat the Humsafar Express on providing exceptional facilities to its passengers. The trains have wider seats and bio-toilets. The whole train is air-conditioned. There are LED screens in all the coaches that allow passengers to keep track of upcoming stations and the running speed of the train. Each compartment has CCTV cameras and smoke detectors to make sure that the travellers are entirely safe. There are refrigerators and heating boxes for the preservation of food prepared from home. Coffee, tea, and soup vending machines are also there to pamper the travellers.

Humsafar Express Website: http://www.indianrail.gov.in

22985 / 19668 Humsafar Express (26 Express Trains), Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train No. Train Name Type of Train Zone From Departure Time To Arrival Time
22985 Rajasthan Humsafar Exp Hms NWR UDZ 23:10 DEE 12:15
22986 Rajasthan Humsafar Exp Hms NWR DEE 16:20 UDZ 04:55
12504 Agartala – Bengaluru Hms NFR AGTL 05:00 BNC 21:15
12503 Bengaluru Cantt. Hms NFR BNC 10:15 AGTL 03:45
12595 Gorakhpur – Anand Vihar Hms NER GKP 20:00 ANVT 08:50
12596 Anand Vihar Terminal Hms NER ANVT 20:00 GKP 07:50
22914 Patna – Bandra Terminal Hms WR PNBE 23:10 BDTS 07:35
22913 Bandra Terminus – Patna Hms WR BDTS 12:55 PNBE 22:15
22868 Hazrat Nizamuddin –  Hms SECR NZM 08:25 DURG 06:30
22867 Durg – Hazrat Nizamuddin Hms SECR DURG 07:10 NZM 04:30
22706 Jammu Tawi – Tirupati Hms SCR JAT 05:30 TPTY 11:25
22705 Tirupati – Jammu Tawi Hms SCR TPTY 17:15 JAT 21:10
22887 Howrah – Yesvantpur Hms SER HWH 12:40 YPR 21:35
22888 Yesvantpur – Howrah Hms SER YPR 09:55 HWH 18:30
22497 Sri Ganganagar – Tiruchchirapalli Hms NWR SGNR 02:00 TPJ 11:20
22498 Tiruchchirapalli – Sri Ganganagar Hms NWR TPJ 04:45 SGNR 13:40
22833 Bhubaneswar – Krishnarajapuram Hms ECoR BBS 12:00 KJM 13:00
22834 Krishnarajapuram – Bhubaneswar Hms ECoR KJM 16:05 BBS 17:50
22920 Ahmedabad – Chennai Hms WR ADI 15:30 MAS 22:35
22919 Chennai Central – Ahmedabad Hms WR MAS 20:10 ADI 03:15
12571 Gorakhpur – Anand Vihar Hms NER GKP 19:00 ANVT 08:50
12572 Anand Vihar – Gorakhpur Hms NER ANVT 20:00 GKP 09:20
20890 Vijayawada – Howrah Hms SER BZA 23:05 HWH 18:30
20889 Howrah – Vijayawada Hms SER HWH 12:40 BZA 07:45
19667 Palace Queen Humsafar Hms NWR UDZ 21:00 MYS 16:25
19668 Palace Queen Humsafar Hms NWR MYS 10:00 UDZ 04:55

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22985 / 19668 Humsafar Express Fare Information

For the 1st Humsafar Tickets 50% the fare would be Rs. 1,104, for the 2nd Humsafar Tickets 10% the fare would be Rs. 1656, 1546, 1435, 1325, 1214 respectively and for the mail / express trains the fare would be Rs 960, for all the 26 trains.

For more details regarding 22985 / 19668 Humsafar Express Trains Fare information and IRCTC Tickets discount offers Visit: https://www.irctc.co.in