Famous Female Leaders in Indian History

Famous Indian Women Social Workers:

The service and duty done by men is always highlighted whereas a women’s role is always kept in the dim light. But the true fact is that the foundation for Independence of India itself led by Women. Today, Women of India are not behind.

In the current scenario, the women of India have set an example of intelligence, beauty and strength by leading some of the prestigious positions in the Nation. Women of India always faced the society curse and their propaganda of rituals. The true Fact that the women power is impeccable, now they have proved the society that they can face the external challenges and overcome the impede situation.

There are many women social reformers of India who led them to be an example for other women living in the country.

Among many social worker women in India some of the great women of India history are mentioned below:

  1. Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai:

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The 1857 Sepoy Mutiny, a struggle which was initiation for the independence in which there was a great contribution by “Rani Lakshmi Bhai”, the strong lady of Jhansi. She was the one of the women who led the foundation that women were not only adored for their beauty, but her courage was moderately adorable too. This was Rani Lakshmi Bai’s concept of fighting with great courage against the indestructible army of British for the Nation to make them free from the British Rule. She was the only lady who encouraged the countrymen to fight against the British Rule.

  1. Sarojini Naidu:

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She is well known as the “Iron Lady of India“. The people of India also called her “The Nightingale of India”. She is another example of brave women who has done many contributions at the time of Independence of India. Sarojini Naidu was a poet and an inspirational freedom fighter, who participated in the popular Civil Disobedience Movement. She was the first woman to become the Governor of India after Independence.

Sarojini Naidu also achieved Kaiser I Hindi Medal title, which was duly honoured by the Government of British for her work when the nation was facing the plague curse.

  1. Mother Teresa:

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 When someone talks about Humanity, her name was majorly associated when someone speaks about Humanity.  The true devotee of Humanity, Mother Teresa was born in India and started the first Missionaries of Charity to serve and help the poor, less privileged people and needy. For her true dedication and service for people has helped her to get the title of Pope in Italy.

  1. Aruna Roy:

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Aruna Roy was the one lady who had decided to fight against corruption and promote the transparency of government. She started her career as a teacher and later became a civil servant. In the year 1967, she cleared the IAS examination and emerged as a great leader of MKSS (Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan) which was developed for the betterment of peasants and workers. The role played by her is being taken for establishing the RTI (Right to Information) Act. Aruna Roy has been honoured with many awards for her dedication to improve the society and make the nation from corruption.

  1. Medha Patkar:

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Medha Patkar is a woman born in Mumbai who showed much interest in serving the society, which was provoked at a very younger age. She became well known to everyone when she was the important member of “Narmada Bachao Andolan” Movement, which was initiated for the saving of Narmada river and even the Gujarat People.

  1. Kiran Bedi:

    Image Source: indiatimes.com

Kiran Bedi is familiar to everyone as the first lady IPS officer and also a popular social activist. She was born and brought up in Amristar, a holy city of Punjab. During, her term as an IPS officer in West Delhi, she had brought down many number of crimes against women. She was applauded worldwide for the new reforms in Tihar jail and also honoured by the Ramon Magsaysay Award in the year 1993. Kiran Bedi also served as the first Police Advisor to the United Nation Secretary General.

  1. Shaheen Mistri:

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Shaheen Mistri is born in Mumbai. She achieved recognition globally for her dedication and commitment to fight for the educational equality in society and also the lacking of educational facility of Mumbai Slums. For this, she laid the “Akanksha Founder” foundation which helps in improving and availing the quality education to Mumbai slum people. She received some global awards for her great service as a social reformer.

  1. Irom Sharmila:

    Image Source: kanglaonline.com

Irom Sharmila is a north – east girl from a small town of Manipur. She is known as an “Iron Lady” where she set an example that lady if want can go beyond its will. She had fought against “Malcolm Massacre” where around 10 people were killed. She began a mass hunger strike which lasted for almost five hundred weeks and it is said to be the World’s Longest Hunger Strike. She decided that she will not give up the strike until the Government of India will disgust the Act of Armed Forces (Special Powers) in seven sisters state of India (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura).

  1. Pramila Nesargi:

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Pramila Nesargi is an Indian Lawyer by profession and a great social activist for right of women. She is well known as an independent minded lawyer who fought against some major issues like women’s safety, sexual violence, child labour and prisoner plight.  During her term as lawyer, she has faced many issues of controversy for which people highly criticized her.

  1. Laxmi Agarwal:

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Laxmi Agarwal is a survivor of Acid Attack. After facing the severe acid attack, she stood as an example for the rest of women to fight against the mental and physical harassment came across in her daily life. This tragedy of attack made Supreme Court to lay down few strict actions against acid attacks in the Nation and to control the sale of Acid. She is now a TV Host and an Campaigner for stopping acid attacks.



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