TNSAND – How to Check Tamil Nadu Online Sand Booking Status

TNSAND – How to Check Tamil Nadu Online Sand Booking Status

The official website for checking the online status of Tamil Nadu Sand is It is compulsory by the state government of Tamil Nadu to online book sand through the official portal for TNSAND or by using the android app.

Here the detailed steps to check reservation of sand:

Step 1: Go to the official site of TNSAND at On the homepage, click the top right button.

How to Check Tamil Nadu Online Sand Booking Status
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Step 2: Click “General People Button” on the top right side of the homepage.

Step 3: When you get on the next page, you will find “Booking Status” link that will be present on the left side of the page.

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Step 4: Enter the booking reference number or your automobile number and click the search button. Again after you click on the investigation, you will be able to know the standing of reservation. It has become compulsory in Tamil Nadu to book Sand online from 1st July 2017 and is booked at The owners of the sand vehicles can register themselves on the official site.

Special features

Public Entry

In a simple way, the public can choose a suitable quarry and bookmark them

Entry of the lorry owner

In the simplest way, the owners of the lorry register the details of their lorries and choose the suitable queue and seal number and the day the sand is allotted and can go to a quarry at the appropriate time.

Explicit order

All the sand quarries in Tamilnadu can be traced to the present line.


Check the timing of the reserved larry, the serial number of the confirmed lorry, the day of sand and the unregistered lorries can be found under the same screen.


You can book a lair in the queue according to the appropriate details, so you can go to Quarry only on the day you are assigned to them and at other times you do not have to wait in the road or in the quarry.


Allowed details are sent to the email and mobile number.

TNSAND Inauguration:

The Chief Minister of the state inaugurated the website for sand booking and mobile phone application named as TNSAND in Chennai.


The research on sales of sand online came into existence to increase the efficiency of the sand sale process.

The lorry owners can also buy sand and reserve with the help of this program. This booking procedure through the website using the internet saves a huge amount of time. That is why; both website and application are actively running by the people.

The government of Tamil Nadu has chosen to make use of assimilated technology to improve the activities of illegal mining of sand. They help people get facilitate to keep their reservation of sand vehicles via MeeSeva Centres and other online technical systems for their private use. Extraordinary teams including mining and sales division and police are comprised to take steps to catch those illegal sand dumps.

People cannot relocate sand without necessary authorization. They have to make a reservation of sand beforehand for their own use.

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Govt. takes Strict action in case of illegal sand mining.

If someone finds it transporting illegal his/her vehicle will be seized. According to the Ministry, the sand transportation on bullock-carts or tractors for private use cannot be excused.


Drones used for supervising mining purposes of major as well as minor minerals along with sand. So, the advanced technologies like GPS, RFID has taken place to transport sand and other supplements via vehicles. The department of technology thrives to use advanced technology and make proper utilization of satellite-based technology to assess mining areas along with supervising viability for identification of dumps, vehicle overloading etc.

What is Tamil Nadu Sand Internet Service?

Tamil Nadu Public Works department make internet support portal and mobile support portal which is known as Tamil Nadu Sand Internet Service.

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Who can use this support?

Any individual can use this service in Tamil Nadu who wishes to watch the sand quarries job and buy the necessary sand for them.

Lorry Owner

  • What is the procedure of booking Sand by lorry owners and drivers via www.tnsand .in?

Once the truck owner registered on the site, he simply adds Lorries in their record. When a lorry’s details are verified, sand quarries can take from Tamil Nadu sand mines.

  • How many trucks can a truck owner add?

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There is no limit on enrolling trucks. Once your enrolment as lorry operator done, you can add more trucks as you want.

  • What is the process to register sand in

The individual who wishes to register sand in can add their complete information on Tamil Nadu Sand Internet Service and choose the queue they want to, from the current quarry row and get the sand easily.

  • The process to reset password

The password can be rest with the help of the customer service center.

  • How can a booking cancel?

There is no way to cancel the booking.

  • How many reservations does a truck require?

Only one truck is allowed at a time and next booking is confirmed after getting the sand at your truck.

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