22415/22416 Andhra Pradesh Express

About Andhra Pradesh Express:

Andhra Pradesh Express is a super fast express train which runs daily to give the maximum service to its passengers. The function of this train started in August 2015 by Suresh Prabhu. This train connects the largest city in our country which is Visakhapatnam with the capital of our country New Delhi. The Andhra Pradesh Express route is from Visakhapatnam to New Delhi.

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History of Andhra Pradesh Express

Andhra Pradesh Express is a super fast express train of South Central Railways which travels between Hyderabad and New Delhi and the train numbers are 12723 and 12724. After the bifurcation Andhra Pradesh Express is renamed as Telangana Express on 15th Nov of 2015 along with train numbers 

Operations of this train:

All the coaches of Andhra Pradesh Express are LHB coaches with full air conditioning system. While travelling to Andhra Pradesh, this train covers few states. The states are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Telangana. This train has one AC 1st class coach, 5-second class AC coaches, 7 3rd class AC coaches, 2 coaches for guard and generator, and one pantry car coach.

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22415 Coach


22415/22416 Andhra Pradesh Express speed

The Andhra Pradesh Express speed is 60 km/hr. It is the average speed of the train. After starting from Vishakhapatnam, this train ends its journey in New Delhi by 24 hours. The train numbers of Andhra Pradesh Express is 22415 and 22416.

The route of the train:

The Andhra Pradesh Express route is quite impressive. It covers many important cities of different states in its journey from Visakhapatnam to New Delhi. This train has 19 halts. Some of the crucial stops of this train are Agra, Jhansi, Bhopal, Gwalior, Nagpur, Ramagundam, Warangal, Vijayawada, Eluru, Rajahmundry, Duvvada, etc.

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The advantages of traveling by this train:

This train covers a long distance from its starting point to the ending point. The distance between the two cities which the train covers in almost 34 hours is 2096 km. This train gave a marvellous opportunity to the customer of this route to travel smoothly without any hassle. This train regularly runs which is the most important advantage of this train. You can avail this whenever you need it.

Apart from these, the food available here in this train is entirely safe and tasty. Infant food is also available here. The coaches of this train are altogether clean and decorated with tube lights. The seats are also excellent in condition. If an emergency occurs, the train authority is ready to help you out. That’s the most comfortable train route for the journey to New Delhi from Visakhapatnam. Till date, this train didn’t face any complaint about its services.

22416 coach position
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22416 Coach

You have to book the tickets at least two months earlier as Andhra Pradesh Express has a huge demand for the tickets. You can also buy your ticket for the Andhra Pradesh Express from Meramaal and travel from Visakhapatnam to New Delhi or New Delhi to Visakhapatnam very easily. Meramaal takes care of the fact that your experience of booking a ticket from home remains a hassle-free and smooth.

22415 Andhra Pradesh Express from Visakhapatnam to New Delhi, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs Platform No.
VSKP Visakhapatnam Junction Starts 08:35 8
DVD Duvvada 09:05 09:07 1
AKP Anakapalle 09:10 09:12 2
SLO Samalkot Junction 10:38 10:40 3
RJY Rajahmundry 11:35 11:37 1
TDD Tadepalligudem 12:13 12:15 3
EE Eluru 12:53 12:55 3
BZA Vijayawada Junction 14:48 14:50 5,7
KMT Khammam 16:07 16:08 2
WL Warangal 17:43 17:45 2
PDPL Peddapalli Junction 18:53 18:54 1
RDM Ramagundam 19:09 19:10 1
SKZR Sirpur Kaghaznagar 20:07 20:08 1
BPQ Balharshah Junction 21:40 21:50 2
CD Chandrapur 22:07 22:09 2
NGP Nagpur Junction 00:30 00:40 1
BPL Bhopal Junction 07:30 07:40 2,3
JHS Jhansi Junction 12:10 12:20 5
GWL Gwalior Junction 13:25 13:30 2
AGC Agra Cantt. 15:40 15:45 3
NDLS New Delhi 19:05  Ends 6

22416 Andhra Pradesh Express from New Delhi to Visakhapatnam, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs Platform No.
NDLS New Delhi Starts 06:25 10
AGC Agra Cantt. 09:10 09:15 1
GWL Gwalior Junction 11:15 11:17 1
JHS Jhansi Junction 12:48 12:50 3
BPL Bhopal Junction 17:15 17:25 1
NGP Nagpur Junction 00:20 00:30 2
CD Chandrapur 03:21 03:24 1
BPQ Balharshah Junction 04:30 04:40 1
SKZR Sirpur Kaghaznagar 05:27 05:28 2
RDM Ramagundam 06:17 06:18 2
PDPL Peddapalli Junction 06:33 06:34 1
WL Warangal 07:48 07:50 1
KMT Khammam 09:39 09:40 1
BZA Vijayawada Junction 11:30 11:50 6
EE Eluru 12:34 12:35 2
TDD Tadepalligudem 13:04 13:05 2
RJY Rajahmundry 13:56 13:57 3
SLO Samalkot Junction 14:44 14:45 1
AKP Anakapalle 16:09 16:10 3
DVD Duvvada 17:13 17:15 4
VSKP Visakhapatnam Junction 17:50  Ends 2,5

For details regarding to Train Between Stations of 22415/22416 Andhra Pradesh Express, PNR Status of 22415 Andhra Pradesh Express, for Trains Cancelled/Rescheduled, to SpotUrTrain of 22416 Andhra Pradesh Express,  to know the train Schedule of Andhra Pradesh Express, IR Train Tracking visit National Train Enquiry System Official Website: https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in

And also https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/xyzabc

22415/22416 Andhra Pradesh Express Fare Information

The Andhra Pradesh express fare is also affordable for the passengers.

Class 1A 2A 3A
Base Fare 4731 2724 1834
Reservation Charges 60 50 40
Super fast charges 75 45 45
Fuel Charges 0 0 0
GST 244 141 96
Other Charges 0 0 0
Catering Charges 0 0 0
Dynamic Fare 0 0 0
Total Fare 5110 2960 2015

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