About TrainTracker

The Thales Information Systems, Eckoh, and Technologies provide the TrainTracker on behalf of the organisation of companies that operate trains. An automated system, with some limitations, provides the service information. Many stations have Passenger Information systems announcing and displaying details about trains. TrainTracker makes use of this, and you will get the same information.

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The charge of 0871 numbers in a BT landline is 10p in one minute. Though a regular call is of 90 seconds, calls for longer duration are also possible. If you send messages, standard deductions will be followed.

Prevention of unlicensed activities

There are organizations as well as individuals who attempt to get information for private gains without having the license to access the data. These kinds of unauthorized movements will be detected and also prevented by the TrainTracker system so that the customers are benefited. If they block you without any fault, feel free to contact them and explain your innocence. The matter will unmistakably be investigated.

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Information that the TrainTracker system is capable of providing

Touchstone and speech technologies, like the text of touchstone and speech recognition, speech recognition, etc. come with certain limitations. Therefore, it is possible that the information given to you may vary from the inquiry that has been made by you. It’s a fact that has to be worked upon so that information can be delivered with 100% accuracy. For instance, if you ask at what time the Malabar Express will leave from Mangalore Central, you may receive its arrival time at Thiruvananthapuram Central as the Malabar Express route is from Mangalore Central to Thiruvananthapuram Central.

You have to provide these following mandatory information. The information is taken to serve you well.

  • Your phone number
  • Recordings of your inquiries
  • Your requests along with the time at which you have made those requests
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Drawbacks of the TrainTracker system

As the system introduced by TrainTracker is entirely automated, certain limitations cannot be overlooked.

  • It can only answer questions that are related to direct trains like the Suvidha Express, train number 82356 and the Andhra Pradesh Express. The problem is that the direct trains may not be the cheapest and quickest medium of the journey all the times.
  • Trains may arrive earlier and depart later than has been estimated. For example, the Goa Express speed is 55 km per hour. But, there may be a delay due to unavoidable circumstances.

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