How to report a theft on the train

How to report a theft on the train?

Indian Railways ranks among the top three largest railway networks in the entire world. The Indian Railways take special care of the fact that customers are safe while journeying in trains. The Railway police are always active to save the passengers from thefts and robberies. But, as thousands of train run in India carrying millions of people every day, some unfortunate situations like theft can occur sometimes.

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First of all, we should all remain careful while travelling in train, bus or any other medium of public transport. In spite of that, if someone steals our luggage or mobile phone, there are legal ways of dealing with such issues. It is now possible to lodge complaints during our journey on a train. All we need to do is collect a form and fill in the details. The form can be taken from Conductors, Coach Attendants, and Guards. The passenger whose luggage gets stolen is required to hand over that filled form to the RPF Personnel/ Railway Officials who will forward it to the concerned GRP without delay.

How to Report?

The form that a passenger fills to report robbery or theft in a running train consists several questions. You need to write your name, address, contact number, train name and number in which you were travelling, date of your journey, description of the suspect (if any), details of the property that has been stolen and other such relevant information. Indian Railways will try its best to recover your lost assets based on the details provided by you.

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How to Contact?

Now, Indian Railways has advanced a lot. A passenger, in case of theft, doesn’t have to wait to reach his destination and then lodge a complaint against the loss of property in the train. The helpline number for All India Railway is 1512. Passengers can register their complaints at this number while travelling in any train in India.

Safety measures while traveling on the train

Whether you are the resident of a village, city or a town, we are all compelled to travel in public vehicles at times. Sometimes we become careless and feel at ease. For daily passengers, they even utilize the time of travel in train by sleeping. What we forget is that danger comes uninvited and therefore, we must be cautious. Being careful can prevent hazards in trains to a great extent.

Here are some of the things we should always keep in mind.

  1. Stay alert and don’t get involved in personal conversations with co-passengers.
  2. Don’t take food or beverages from strangers.
  3. Avoid sleeping when you are traveling alone on the train.
  4. In case of overnight journeys, lock your luggage well and place it in your seat before sleeping.
  5. Don’t wear expensive jewelry while traveling.
  6. Don’t leave your smartphone or camera on your seat.
  7. Criminals are mostly cowards. If someone tries to snatch anything from you, scream, and he will run away.
  8. If you notice any suspicious activity around you, you should immediately inform to the Railway employees.

Lastly, always remember that prevention is better than cure and be safe.

How to Lodge a Complaint in Running Train?

To Lodge a Complaint in Running Train coach conductors, RPF, attendants will be present at the railway stations. Now, the passengers who had effected can requested to fill the forms with the relevant details and submit to the Railway Officials/RPF Personnel also to the GRP and effected passengers need not break their travel journey for  lodging their complaints.

Following is the lodging complaint /Report by passengers in case of theft of their luggage, Robbery or anything else in running train.

1. Name of complainant
2. Present address in full
3. Nearest Railway station to the permanent residence
4. Telephone No.
5. Date of occurrence
6. Place of Occurrence
7. Place, where the complainant detected the occurrence
8. Train No. and Name
9. Bogie No.
10. Class in which traveling (Put mark):
A.C, I Class/AC Sleeper/I class/II class  2 Tier/3 tier/General II class
11. Ticket No.
12. Name of stations in between which occurrence took place
13. Particulars of property looted or stolen and estimate cost thereof
14. Brief particulars of the incident (Theft/Robbery/Dacoity)
15. Name of the person or persons suspected with descriptive roll name and address, if
a) The station, where the suspect entrained.
b) The station, where the suspect detrained.
c) The station, where such suspect wanted to go.
16. Where you traveling with family.
17. Did the suspect show sympathy towards you to provide seat or place to sleep or advised to put box attached at certain particular place?
18. Addition information to be furnished about occurrence of robbery/dacoity.
a) Approximate number of criminals and any other particular information about them
i.e.. language and clothes worn etc.
b) What type of arms were being carried.
c) Approximate number of passengers, who were looted.
d) The particulars of property looted from co-passengers.
e) Did you inform the Railway Officials/the police escort accompanying the train about
the incident and if so, did they help and take prompt action.
i) Name of station where you informed the train guard/conductor/TTE attendant.
ii) Did you inform train Guard/TTE or conductor of the train about the occurrence
and if so also mention the name of the official concerned.
f) Any other information relevant to the occurrence.

                                                                                                   Signature of the complainant.

Report No. ________
Received on _______ at ________ hrs.                    Signature with Name & Designation
of the official who received the report.

To Register your complaint please visit Indian Railways Complaints Official Website:

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