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What does PNR stand for?

PNR is the short form for passenger name record. PNR is a unique number provided to every passenger by the Indian Railways while booking a ticket. Using this PNR number will allow you to check relevant information about your train ticket. When you book tickets at the last minute, your ticket may not be confirmed. With the help of your PNR number, you can find out if your reservation has been approved or you are still on the waiting list.

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What is the meaning and utility of PNR Status?

Now it is also possible to check the status of the ticket you have booked. It indeed indicates that you can check your ticket’s waiting list status. You can also gather information about the live location of a train, its running status, and availability of tatkal tickets. The PNR Status Prediction, predicts your chances of getting a confirmed ticket. It gives passengers the opportunity to look for other available means of transport, in case the status prediction says that the chances of getting a confirmed seat are rare. All of this can be checked within minutes from your mobile phone either via SMS or online. So, the main agenda behind the introduction of the PNR Status service is to help passengers to get better travelling experience with the Indian Railways.

As there are multiple sites for checking the PNR Status of trains, it can be confusing for the passengers to decide which particular website they should choose to check PNR status online. Here are the top 5 sites to check PNR status. Take a look.

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Meramaal PNR services

Meramaal is the best site to depend on when it comes to getting accurate and detailed information about PNR status online. Besides checking the PNR status of trains, Meramaal provides several other services to its users. You can book train tickets from Meramaal at low prices, check train running status and availability of trains to particular stations. Tatkal ticket booking service is also available at Meramaal, the best unofficial website in India for train enquiry.


The full form of IRCTC is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. This site is Indian Railways official partner. The Centre for Railway Information Systems maintains this site. Here you can check the PNR Status of any train quite easily.

Rail Yatri

Now you can check your PNR status quickly from the website of Rail Yatri within minutes. You need to give your PNR number, and they will provide you with all information about your ticket.

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NTES stands for National Train Enquiry System. This one is an excellent website for enquiring about trains. Here you can learn about train schedules, running status and PNR status and many more. It also shows live train status and train delays to particular stations.


The Ixigo app is preferred by thousands of customers for checking the PNR status and details of trains in India. You can also know about the availability of tickets here.

So, these are the top 5 sites to check PNR status online.

For More Details Regarding PNR Status, PNR Status Enquiry please visit Indian Railways Official Website:

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