Apply for Indian Passport for Child Born in the US to Indian Parents

How to Apply for Indian Passport for Child Born in the US to Indian Parents?

People who are an Indian by origin but have a kid who is born in the US, it is possible to get an Indian passport for him or her. Parents have to follow a simple process, and a separate passport will be issued for their child. At one time, the name of a child could be included in the passport of his parents. That option is not there any longer. The validity of a passport issued for anyone who is under 18 years of age will be 5 years from the issuance date.

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What is the Process?

  • You have to register your child’s birth in the United States, at the Indian Mission.
  • Make an online passport application.
  • Select the passport application for children up to 18 years old.
  • Apply by mail or in person.

NOTE: If anyone is planning to apply for an INDIAN passport for a foreign born kid should not be applied for a passport in the birth country (or any other county/countries) OR No existing US/CANADA/UK/AUSTRALIA/EU…etc Passport for your child at the time of application because INDIA does not allow dual citizenship as per Indian constitutional law.

How to Apply in Person?

  • Fill up the online application form and have it printed out.
  • Contact the online application center and schedule an appointment.
  • Get in touch with the Consular Officer. Take the application form and all the supportive documents.
  • There is need for presence of both parents. If either of them is unavailable, the absent parent should offer a consent letter or authority letter to permit the other parent make the passport application.
  • Offer the original print out of the application that is completed, at the application center.
  • Your application will be verified and crosschecked by the Consular Office.
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How to Apply by Mail?

  • Enclose the documents with the form of application. Send it to the consular office as quickly as you can.
  • You may send your mail regardless of the appointment date.
  • Use a certified mail to send the application, to get a return receipt. You may also choose a private courier or express mail to send it. It is necessary, as the Indian passport application Center cannot acknowledge in any way applications that are obtained via post.
  • Every application will be equally treated, when it comes to mail applications. You cannot hold the Consulate Office responsible for damage, loss or misplacing of your documents or application by any 3rd party or travel agent.
  • The Consulate Office will issue the passport on the address specified on the application.
  • In case you shift your location / address while applying, file your new address registered with the U.S Postal Service. Change the address form to have your mail forwarded to the new address.

What are the Requirements?

  • No existing US Passport for your child at the time of application.
  • He / she should be less than 18 years of age.
  • He / she should be US-born, having Indian-origin parents.

What are the Documents Needed?

  • Application form, filled up and notarised properly.

Download Application Form Here: PassportApplicationForm_Main_English 

  • Birth certificate copy, notarized
  • Excerpt from the birth register published in the US by an Indian Mission.
  • Copy of EAD of parents with the child’s I-485 Receipt (if your kid is on I-485 Adjustment of Status)
  • Residence proof (State ID of applicant & Address proof in the name of parents)
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Necessary Documents from Parents

  • Notarized photocopies of passports of both parents (1st and last pages)
  • Notarized photocopies of both parents’ valid visa
  • Notarized affidavit or NOC (No Objection Certificate) from both parents
  • Photocopy of death certificate of a parent (if deceased)
  • Photocopy of custodianship and divorce certificate by court order, in case of divorced parents

Endorsed Child’s Name on Passport of Parent

  • If the name of your child is endorsed already on your passport, apply for a separate passport.
  • Present the original passport of the specific parent having the name of the child endorsed.
  • Submit a notarized photocopy of the passport’s last 2 and first 5 pages, as well as the endorsement page.
  • This will delete the name from the passport of the parent. There will be issuing of a new passport in the name of your child.

How to do Passport Renewal?

  • The Child Passport need to be renewed because from the date of issue it is valid only for 05 years
  • For every renewal you need to make an application for the change of appearance until the child is turn into 18.
  • If child passport is lost (or) stolen by someone then the new application cannot be sent by mail and it only can be done in person.


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National Passport Customer Care Number: 1800 258 1800

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