Police Clearance Certificate-PCC

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) – How and when is it issued?

The Indian Government issues the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) to the citizens of India who wish to go to any foreign country to reside there for a long time or go with the purpose of securing employment.

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Who Cannot Get PCC?

Those who travel to foreign countries on a tourist visa cannot apply for this certificate from the Government of India.

How can you apply for a PCC?

You can get the form online or offline, fill it up and then submit it to the Indian Passport Sеvа Kendra.

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With the PCC, you should attach self-attested copies of these files:

  • Address proof, it your current address differs from the passport address
  • Initial passport, with a self-attested copy of the first and last 2 pages – like web pages of observation and ECNR / ECR page.

For Online Registration Download Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) directly here: https://portal2.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/user/RegistrationBaseAction

When Is a PCC Needed?

It is needed while making a passport or visa application for particular countries or any Indian citizen applying for the USA Green Card, Canadian PR, Australian PR, UK PR and any other country immigration related applications PCC would require to submitting as an initial process.  The process is more or less the same, but your individual experience might differ from that of another applicant due to your individual situation and supportive documents.

Who Issues a PCC?

Typically, it is issued by the Regional Passport Office of anywhere you have been living for the past 6 months. As the Ministry of External Affairs issues the PCC document, location – such as the state of issuance – plays a big role here. Many foreign nations need it to know where you have resided earlier.

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For all those who travel abroad for work, having no address proof can be a challenge. In the absence of proper documents, it is best to use your bank statement as a proof of address. You can change your old address to the present one at your bank. The process is extremely simple. You can then ask the bank to issue a statement for the past 12 months. The statement will be certified once it is stamped and signed by the bank. You need to visit your bank to get the stamp, and not simply download it online.

T o locate Nearby Regional Passport Office Please Visit Indian Passport Official Website: http://www.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/online/rpo

Where to Apply for PCC?

Visit the Passport Sеvа website. Schedule an appointment on a specific date, and at a center that is at a convenient distance from your place. The waiting time can range from a day to a week or more.

Once you book an appointment, there is option to join its SMS service at a cost of 35 INR (at the time of writing). You can pay this sum at the center in cash and register for the service. This is a good thing, as it will update you about your PCC status.

On the day of the appointment, travel with an appointment letter printout along with other letters. Reach the centre exactly on time. Create an order and you will receive a token.

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There are 3 zones:

  • A Zone
  • B Zone
  • C Zone
  1. An officer designated for each zone. An electronic board informs which counter you should visit, based on your own token number.
  2. Your documents checked at the first counter. A file made for you, and you asked questions about the other documents that you might have and keep all the necessary documents in the same file.
  3. Your documents scanned at the 2nd counter and uploaded as well. The details that you submitted online verified. where any error associated to your birthplace checked and rectified. Your photo and fingerprint also collected at the same counter.
  4. When you reach the 3rd counter, your information brought up by the officer on his computer. This informs him whether or not there is any problem with your case. He can also decide whether or not a Physical Police Verification needed.

How Long Does the PCC take to issue after Verification?

If you have been residing for less than 1 year in your present city of residence, the verification can take 1 – 2 weeks. However, if you have living over a year, the verification conducted in the following week. 2 – 3 days after this, you can visit the Passport Seva Kendra and have the authorities stamp your passport and issue the PCC letter.

For Offline Registration Download Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) directly here: police-clearance-certificate-form

If you have any queries regarding Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), visit Indian Passport Official Website: http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/online/pccOnlineApp


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