Apply for an Indian Passport for a Minor without Spouse’s Name

How to Apply for an Indian Passport for a Minor without Spouse’s Name?

The process of applying for an Indian Passport is the same when it comes to minors. The documents needed for the process might differ. Guardians or parents might have to be present for the appointment session for the passport, or need to send their consent or approval for the insurance of passport – along with their child.

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Applying for Indian Minor Passport without the Endorsing of Spouse’s Name in It?

In the new passport issuance system, each applicant needs to be present at the Indian Passport Seva office to submit a photo and biometric details, or to have their own photo taken.

Even if the minor is an infant, he or she should be physically present at the Passport office. It is not allowed for any individual to have the passport application issuance, verification or process conducted on behalf of another.

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As per the rule for parents’ name endorsement in Indian Passport, if either parent has an expired or valid passport, it is important to have the name of spouse endorsed on it for an application for a passport for a minor.

It is easy to get an Indian passport for a minor. However, in some situations where both parents hold their own passports, the name of spouse cannot be endorsed on their minor’s passport. However, most people unaware of the fact that it is possible to make an application for a minor’s passport without having the name of spouse endorsed on the Indian Passport. There is a rule that one or either parent has a valid passport, it is essential to have the name of spouse endorsed on the minor’s passport. Read on to know how to make an application for the passport of a minor without endorsing the name of spouse on it.

How to Apply for Minor Passport Online?

You should follow these steps to apply for a minor’s passport online.

  • Register – First you have to visit the official website of Indian Passport. Make use of a password and User ID to register at the site. After completing the registration process, you – as a parent – have to fill up an application form online for your minor.
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  • Pay and book an appointment slot – After you fill up an application form you have to make an online payment for the passport fee. You have to book an appointment slot at the Indian Passport Seva office.

Once done, print out the online application form. Take it to the Indian Passport Seva office on the scheduled day.

What are the Documents Needed for Applying for a Minor Passport?

Here is a list of documents that you need while applying for a minor passport:

  • Aadhar Card, also used as an address proof. Other address proofs also submitted.
  • Study Certificate at the minor’s school used as Employer Certificate
  • Birth Certificate, issued by Registrar of Births & Deaths district office / municipal authority
  • Annexure H, which is a Declaration that parents have to sign
  • Ration Card (optional), which shows family

Which Steps to Take On the Day of Appointment at the Passport Office?

Take all your necessary documents and visit the Indian Passport Seva Kendra only 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Parents with minors given more preference, so as to avoid long queues. Your passport procedure smoothly conducted after a few verification rounds and after collecting the photograph and biometrics. In the end, you will be given a receipt.

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  • Go to the passport office before the appointment time, and wait for the token in the line.
  • Visit Counter A for document scan, signing the application and submitting the minor’s signature
  • Visit Counter B for the verification of your documents
  • Goto Counter C for the re-verification of your documents and accessing the token no. page
  • Visit the exit counter and display the token no.
  • Visit the exit gate and collect the acknowledgment letter for reference.

National  Indian Passport Customer Care Number: 1800 258 1800

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