How to Change Middle Name or Surname in an Indian Passport

How to Change Middle Name or Surname in an Indian Passport?

It is natural for a person to change middle or surname in an Indian Passport after marriage or changing into some other religion or any other reason. If you want to change your surname or middle name, you need to go to the Indian Passport Seva Kendra or visit its official website, make an application for re-issuing of passport and then go to Miscellaneous Services for downloading Form No. II. There are various steps that you have to follow in order to ensure the change.

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Steps for Changing Surname / Middle Name in Indian Passport Online or Offline

Visit the Passport Seva Kendra and ask for the change of name passport application form. If applying online, visit the official passport website link. Go to the Miscellaneous Services section and fill up Form Number II – which is for change of name.

Fill up the form in a proper way.

Attach other documents, such as attested last and first two pages of your original passport. The nature of the other documents will vary as per your applicant category.

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What are the Documents to Submit for Change of Surname / Middle Name?

Along with Form No. II, you have to submit various documents. These will vary, based on your reason for a name change.

Your Original Passport, with a copy of the last and first 2 pages (self-attested)

  • For Married Woman – If you are a woman who wants a name change after marriage, submit a copy of the passport of your husband (if any). Also submit an attested Marriage Certificate copy or any supportive evidence like your photo along with that of your husband with Annexure D’ or some other equivalent affidavit.
  • For Divorced Woman – If you are a woman who has divorced recently, you need to submit a certified Decree of Divorce photocopy along with Annexure E’ Deed Poll or sworn affidavit.
  • For a Woman who has remarried – If you are a woman wanting to change your name following remarriage, submit a Death Certificate of the first husband or a Divorce Decree copy. Also submit a proof of your second marriage, such as a joint photo with Annexure D’ or an attested Marriage Certificate copy.

If your situation matches none of the situations that have been mentioned above, you have to submit Annexure E’ Deed Poll or sworn affidavit other than an original ad in at least 2 daily newspapers about your name change (which would be only accepted within 30 days from the time following the advertisement publishing date)

You can submit the above documents at the Indian Passport Seva Kendra on the scheduled day of appointment or even online. After a few days, you can have the corrected Passport with the change of name reflected in it being sent to you.

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Important Things to Know about Passport Application Procedure for Middle Name / Surname Change

  • When you are filling up the online application for your passport, type the ‘given names’ or ‘surnames’ according to the new names that you wish to have in your new Indian passport.
  • Your Sworn Affidavit for name change should be duly notarized.
  • In case you, the applicant, hold a passport with a name that is not regarded as your actual name, you would need to submit advertisements in newspapers. Newspaper ads are necessary for a change in name as appearing on your Indian Passport although the name held previously and being displayed on other legal documents undergoes a change.
  • You have to collect all the necessary documents for the application process. In a few documents, attestation is essential. It is better that you have all the documents duly attested.
  • Remember to enter the proper name with full focus on the uppercase and lowercase letters. Every detail that you put in will be reflected in your passport. Thus, it is sensible to verify your name details again and again before you submit the form.

Indian Passport Customer Care Number: 1800 258 1800

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