Online Appointment for an Indian Passport

How Make an Online Appointment for an Indian Passport?

The passport is a valid proof of identity and address in India, as is issued by the Government of India. This document contains all the important personal details of any individuals, such as his or her name, address, photograph and signature. It is useful when an Indian citizen wishes to travel abroad for education, work, vacation, business or some other reason, and shows to foreigners that the person holding the card is an Indian.

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How to Apply for an Indian Passport Online, and Schedule an Appointment?

Those who want to apply for an Indian passport can do so by visiting the Online Portal for the Indian Passport Seva Kendra. The system will make an automatic choice of the date when the person applying for the document will need to show up for an appointment.

Those who wish to book appointments will need to pay a service fee online at the website Once the service confirms the appointment, it can be cancelled or rescheduled by an applicant a maximum of 2 times per year.

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To Apply for Online Appointment for an Indian Passport Please Visit Indian Passport Official Website:

How Can You Make the Payments?

As an applicant, you can pay the service fee for your appointment for an Indian passport in any of these two ways:

  1. Online payment, via internet banking, debit card or credit card
  2. Bank challan, which can be paid at any SBI branch in the nation

How to Pay through Online Banking?

As an applicant, you have to follow these steps to pay the service fee through the internet:

  • Visit the Online Portal for Indian Passport Seva
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  • Register there, by creating a User ID
  • Use the new ID to log in
  • Go to the section ‘Services’ and choose the link that states Reissue of Passport / Apply for Fresh Passport
  • Under the Normal scheme or Tatkaal scheme, create an Account Reference no. You can do this in two ways:
  1. Fill the online form up, and submit it
  2. Upload an e-form
  • Next, schedule an appointment. Visit the page View Saved/Submitted Applications and select the Pay and Schedule Appointment option or the Schedule Appointment option (if the service fee has been paid by you already).

How to Pay Via Bank Challans?

You can follow these steps.

  • Check the Internet Banking Section 2.1. Follow the initial steps. This will let you redirect and check out the page View Saved/Submitted Applications.
  • On the page View Saved/Submitted Applications, choose the option Pay and Schedule Appointment or the Schedule Appointment option (if the service fee has been paid by you already), as already mentioned above.
  • If you have not still paid, you can get access to the page Pay and Schedule Appointment. Open this link and you will find 2 options:
  1. Challan Payment
  2. Online Payment
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If you have paid the service fees, you will be able to access the Schedule Appointment option.

  • In case you want to pay via a bank challan, select the option “Challan Payment”.
  • Next, choose the link entitled “Next >>”. It will take you to the page “Make Payment”. In this page, choose the option Challan to create a challan.
  • Print this challan out and deposit it with the amount that is specified. You can pay the fee to any branch of SBI.
  • After you have made the deposit, the bank officials will enter the fee payment details into the system. Your challan status will be notified to you through email. You can even go to the page “Track Payment Status” time and again, to check the challan status.
  • Once successful payment is confirmed, you can get an email for booking an appointment.
  • Go to the page Schedule Appointment for making the booking. Select the option Appointment Quota (Normal / Tatkaal) on this page. Pick the passport office of your choice, one that you would wish to visit for booking an appointment.
  • Choose the option “Book Appointment”. This will confirm a slot for you.

To Know “New Process for Online Appointment Booking” Visit Indian Passport Official Website:

To Check Appointment Availability nearby you Please Visit Indian Passport Official Website:

National  Indian Passport Customer Care Number: 1800 258 1800

You can also visit for application of Online Appointment for an Indian Passport.


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