How to Change the Spouse Name in an Indian Passport after Divorce

How to Change the Name of Spouse Name in an Indian Passport after Divorce?

An Indian Passport is a document issued by the Government of India to each citizen who wants to travel from and to any foreign nation at any time. It helps the citizens to remain under the Government’s protection. The document also serves an Identity and Address proof, and comprises of all the important details about the document holder such as his / her name, photograph, signature, address and age.

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It is mandatory to have the name of spouse endorsed in an Indian Passport, which establishes a marriage relationship between two people – each of whom might be holding a passport. In some situations, such as in case of a divorce, it is important to change or delete the name of spouse from the passport. The only other cases when a person can delete the name of spouse from passport are when the latter has expired or legally separated from him or her.

How to Remove the Name of Spouse from an Indian Passport?

  • If you wish to delete your spouse’ name from your passport, you will first need to visit the official website of the Indian Passport Seva Kendra or one of its offline centres.
  • You have to get the Form 002 that is specified for Miscellaneous Services and fill it up. If you are downloading the form online, you need to pick the “reissue of passport” option.
  • Following this, you have to choose the “change in existing personal particular” option.
  • Choose the option “change in existing personal particulars”.
  • You have to submit some documents that are necessary.
  • You will have an appointment scheduled at the Indian Passport Office.
  • Arrive at the passport office 15 minutes ahead of time on the scheduled day, along with the application form, documents and the fee that is required.
  • If you have booked an appointment slot through an online application, you do not have to furnish a token for waiting. Otherwise, you will be given a token and instructed to wait at the queue.
  • When your turn comes, you will need to submit all the documents that are needed for the verification purposes. You can submit these either personally or via a representative with a proof of identity and an authority letter that you sign duly according to the Annexure.
  • After all the passport documents have properly been submitted and checked for verification, you can collect your endorsed Indian Passport with your spouse’ name deleted from it.

How to Change Name in Your Indian Passport after Marriage

Which Documents to Submit for Deleting Spouse’ Name from Indian Passport?

You are expected to submit these documents:

  • Your original passport, with the photocopy of the last and first two pages being self-attested
  • Copy of spouse’ death certificate (if your spouse has died)
  • Deed Poll / Sworn Affidavit as per Annexure “E” and a Certified Copy of the Divorce Decree (if you are applying for deletion of the name of spouse due to divorce).

After you submit the documents, and the verification of the same, you will find all the changes being reflected once you receive the passport in hand. You will be given a date, which could be 3 – 7 days from the time of placing the application, and need to collect it personally from the Indian Passport Seva Kendra office that is mentioned. You will find the information being updated in the document. In case you find any error, and the name still being there, you can re-apply for a rectification.

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Changing Spouse’ Name from Indian Passport after Remarriage

If you have just remarried, and wish to change the name of your spouse, you have to submit a Divorce Decree copy (in case of divorce with first spouse) or the Death Certificate of the first spouse (in case of death of spouse). You should also furnish a certificate of the second marriage, like an attested copy of Marriage Certificate or a joint photo with your spouse as per Annexure D’.

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