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About Popular websites like Solarmovies for watching movies online

The closure of Solar movies suddenly was not only mysterious but also depressing for fans. Till now, the reason behind its closure is not completely clear. There are rumors that Artem Vaulin, the founder of Torrent, may be one of the reasons behind it. But it cannot be said with conviction. The cause could be anything. But the saddest part is now you cannot access Solarmoviez anymore.

Solarmovies was a free website for movies. It was simple and effortless to type the title of any film and watch it on Solarmoviez. It was also very convenient to use, and the best part was that they did not charge any money for showing good quality movies. If you are one of the biggest fans of Solar movies, you must have tried in vain to access the site but failed. This article is written for you. We understand that you miss that site too much and therefore, we have good news for you. There are other sites like Solarmovie from where you can watch movies conveniently. Read the full article to know in detail about these excellent sites.


Yifi is loved by people for offering movies in sizes as small as possible, thereby not draining their mobile data. Another striking fact is that majority of these movies are presented in HD on this particular site. Yify is a perfect place for those users who love to watch movies more than TV series.

Yify Website: https://yts.io

Yify Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YIFYTORRENTS

Yify Twitter: https://twitter.com/torrentsyify

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Haloa Movies

Haloa Movies, one of the sites like Solarmovie, ranks third in popularity among movie lovers. Just like Yes Movies, IMDB ratings and briefings of plots are also shown in Haloa. You can see these by pointing the cursor to a thumbnail. This site is not for binge-watching popular TV series like Game of Thrones, Friends, Victoria, Big Bang Theory, etc.

Haloa Movies Website: http://haloamovies.com

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Yes Movies

If you miss Solarmovie unblocked then, Yes Movies can be your best friend. Here, you will get to see movies for free of cost. It is very much similar to Solarmoviez. The design of Yes Movies is highly premium, and there are endless options. You can search your desired content by clicking on the right option like “Movies,” “Genres,” “Top IMDB,” “TV Series,” “Featured,” “Country” etc. Immediately after clicking on a particular category, you will be directed to the final page. In a grid, the movies will be displayed along with details like name and the available resolution for a particular film. If you take your mouse above any movie’s thumbnail, you will be shown the plot summary, IMDB rating, year of release, etc.

Yes Movies Website: http://www1.yesmovies.net

Yes Movies Twitter: https://twitter.com/yesmovies

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Movies4u is another superior site like Solar movies to watch good movies. It has served users for quite a few years and has gained popularity as well as a sound audience. If you type the name and search for the website in your browser, you will be taken to the site of 123 movies as both these sites are more or less the same. The layout of Movies is uncomplicated, just like Solarmovies, attracting more visitors to the site. Movies are available here in HD and SD. The titles are shown in large and clear thumbnails. What is best about this site is that if you type a name and try to search, it will not open up multiple pop-ups out of which you can be confused. Many other sites fail to give these excellent services. It makes Movies4u less frustrating and truly refreshing for movie lovers. The library of Movies4u has a unique collection of old and new movies, TV series and recently released subtitles are available as well.

Movies4u Website: http://movies4u.tv

Movies4u Facebook: https://twitter.com/movies4u_

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The look and services of Reinierland do not resemble that of Solar movies. But, it still deserves a place in the countdown of sites like Solarmovie. The reason is the customer-oriented nature of this site. The site always tries to offer the customers exactly what they are looking for. Something that sets it apart from Yes Movies or Haloa Movies is the fact that it focuses on providing TV series to the users with all the episodes from all seasons. So, if you are a lover of TV series, this website can be of great use.

Rainierland Website: http://www.rainierland.is

Rainierland Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/free.movie.page

Rainierland Twitter: https://twitter.com/rainierrland

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Vumoo is a popular name among those sites like Solarmovie that offers movies to customers, entirely for free of cost. Though accessing the site is entirely free, Vumoo founders have invested large sums of money, sincere effort and lots of time to develop a website that is divinely professional in its appearance. Not only does the site looks like a professional one but regarding service, it can give neck-to-neck competition to the popular paid sites like Netflix and others. The contents are displayed against a background that is black. In the homepage, you can see the titles that have been added most recently. As you browse through the library, you will find categories such as Currently Watching, Popular This Week, Recently Added, Trending Television and New Releases. You can also search movies based on the genre you prefer the most like Horror, Adventure, Drama, etc. Besides movies and TV series, you will even get top-rated documentaries, that too in HD, at Vumoo. That is the primary uniqueness of this site. So, Vumoo is all about variety for online watchers.

Vumoo Website: http://vumoo.to

Vumoo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vumoo24

Vummo Twitter: https://twitter.com/vummo

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Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher’s name must be mentioned in the list of sites like Solarmovie. The design of the site is as simple as Solar movies. It offers streaming links from multiple sources, just like Solarmoviez, and provides excellent quality of TV series and films. The site is entirely reliable and has many happy users. Not only is the best quality videos are available here but also the loading speed is genuinely exceptional. Contents can be browsed by taking help of navigation tabs such as Genres, New Movies, Most Popular and TV series. You just need to enter the name of the movie you desire to watch in the search bar, and you will find it in the top of the right corner.

Movie Watcher Website: https://moviewatcher.is

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That’s all about sites like Solarmovie from where you can watch your favourite movies uninterruptedly.