10 Most Amazing and Beautiful Office Buildings in India

Beautiful constructed buildings are makes the town glans much beautiful. These buildings are visual feast for the visitors. The office buildings which having the tremendous architecture and looks very stunning. The city looks much greater on constructing the variety of buildings.

Here is the List of Top 10 Beautiful Office buildings located in India.

1. Infosys

Location: Mysore

The Infosys office looks as relpication of White house, but it is a Infosys company. The building architecture looks as royal heritage and the employees of Infosys people are called it a marvel. While we seeing from the top of the office it spell as Infosys. It is a tremendous piece of architecture.

2. Cybertecture Egg

Location: Mumbai

The Cybertecture is an fantastic building, we can only imagine it in our dreams. This office is an outstanding building in the country places in the Mumbai city. This building is a iffice space and also you can find parking place in the underground, where you can park 400 cars.

3. National Fisheries Development Board

Location: Hyderabad

It is a famous company located in Hyderabad. The national fishery board building is in 4 floors which constructed in huge fish. In India, this is an amazing building in the country.

4. Adobe

Location: Noida

The Adobe headquarters is located in Noida with an excellent architecture building and it looks very colorful. This Adobe building is one of the India’s famous building with its beastliness and spectacular color.

5. Tata Consultancy Services

Location: Siruseri

The TCS branch is located in South-East of Chennai. The TCS building is shaped by the butterfly model. Based on the great architecture of the building, it is placed in the top of the list in the country. The TCS-Siruseri branch is in 70 acres of area with the 30,000 employees and also 2000 cars parking place is available. This campus is one of the biggest IT park in the Asia.

6. Statesman House

Location: New Delhi

New Delhi is a place for lot of beautiful architecture buildings. In those only few buildings are with a outstanding looks. In the Connaught area, the Stateman house is the place for highest buildings. the house shaped as hollow cylinder and it cut diagonally from part of above of the building.

7. IT Park

Location: Chandigarh

The IT Park of Chandigarh is shaped as Huge ship. It is placed in the list of top beautiful buildings list in the India. The architecture of the IT park is looks impressive and attracted by many people.

8. I-Flex Solutions

Location: Bangalore

The Lake is places very near to the IT Park of Bangalore and the building looks outstanding with its architecture. There you can find 1500 employees and the park is in 144000 sq.fts. The building is shaped as a Petal model.

9. Patni Knowledge Park

Location: Mumbai

In Mumbai city is a place for many famous and beautiful buildings. In those, PAtni Knowledge Park is the top and amazing building in the Mumbai. The building is known for its unique design and it is a Largest IT Park in Mambai. The architecture of the building also looks stunning.

10. Shree Cement

Location: Jaipur

The Shree cement is located in the Pink city ‘Jaipur’. The building is very attractive to our eyes. Shree cement has a LED office and it is excellent. In India, it is an amazing building and it also known as “72 screen building”. In the night time the building looks ravishing.