Aadhaar Card

About Aadhaar Card

Almost all countries in the world make use of identity systems in which all citizens of the country have a unique number that stores vital information about their identity written under it. The Indian government has also deemed this system to be ideal, and therefore, it has introduced in our country as well. It has named Aadhaar in India and has an alternate name- UID.

The government considers that using Aadhaar cards will beneficial for the citizens of India on multiple levels. Some of the universal benefits are several subsidies supplied by the government, like the subsidy that is available on gasoline. The full form of UIDAI is the Unique Identification Authority of India. A significant project is run by UIDAI. It started in 2009, January. Since its commencements, this project has been subject to severe criticism. For instance, it has been claimed that collection and storing of biometric information about citizens by the government is against our constitutional right.

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Aadhar -UIDAI

The original notion behind the introduction of Aadhaar cards is to offer every civilian in India a unique number that will serve as their identity and also provide them strategic advantages as per as our government. Under this system, all applied citizens get their own Aadhar card with a unique Aadhaar number of 12 digits. It would act as the supreme proof of identity for all. Aadhar card also has a connection with other services provided by the government. For example, it is linked to your bank account, UAN, and different retirement schemes.

Why Aadhaar?

Aadhaar based identity has two distinct features. Confirmation is confirmed:

Because in some time it will consider all available services across the country. Each resident has the power to get this number.
Once this number is created, it gives a general, universalized identity to a person. This number is used to create registrars and organizations across the country to design their own identity-based applications.

All the residents of all over the country will set up a partnership for the number of residents. Such registrars include state governments, state government agencies, banks, telecom companies etc. These Registrars will share with the Registrars for registration of Aadhaar for all residents. Aadhaar seeks to build trust between the government, private companies, and residents. Service providers do not have to wait for information about “Learn about your customer” when the residents have registered for Aadhaar. Residents do not have to deny their services due to the lack of identity documents. Residents can overcome the problem of identifying their identities once every time they receive a bank account, passport, driving license etc.

Aadhaar Benefits:

Aadhaar powers the poor and poverty-stricken residents who want to get banks and other services from government or private sectors. Centralized technology at the site confirms the information relating to a resident “at any time, anywhere, how-to-be-in-demand”. Aadhaar trail identifies frequently changing addresses. Aadhaar number verification can be obtained from both online and offline. The original residents can identify their Aadhaar identity through their cellphone or landline. Identity inspection linked to online Aadhaar gives poor and rural residents the opportunity to give banking and retail services to the upper and lower classes.

Aadhaar requires proper check before registration. Confirming information before inserting. Identical information funds currently available in India are duplicates and are erroneous with the useless beneficiaries.

So, what does the Aadhaar Card stand for?

An Aadhaar card denotes the card that is issued for a person after acceptance of the program and assignation of a unique Aadhaar number. If you already know your Aadhaar number and you have an urgent requirement of the Aadhaar card, you will able to get it downloaded in the form of a PDF file after enrolling your Aadhaar card number. However, let us inform you that Aadhaar card number is crucial. Aadhaar card is not mandatory for taking advantages of the benefits that come with Aadhar. But you have to have the Aadhaar card number.

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Aadhaar Card’s goal

The main idea behind the introduction of Aadhaar making it simpler for Indian citizens to take help of government subsidies. Moreover, it simplifies the process of identification as this one number will enough as evidence of one’s residential address. Along with that, it’s sufficient proof of one’s identity. Another point that has mentioned by the government is that unlawful immigration to our country will be curbed after this system’s development. Moreover, it will not recognize a person as a member of a family, and one person can not possess multiple Aadhaar numbers.

Functions of an Aadhaar Card

  • Universal card for identification

Among the several objectives of the introduction of Aadhaar cards, the most important one is that it provides the residents of India a universal and distinctive identity card which will allow them to take advantage of multiple services without giving separate cards for each service.

  • Subsidies from the government

The Indian authorities provide several subsidies to specific citizens who need it. But, many times these facilities have misused. Aadhaar number intends to give a solution to this problem by making subsidies available to those who really need it from the government. It is also assumed that Aadhaar will a mode of identification that will judge the eligibility of a citizen for enrolling in the applications designed by the government like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan and other schooling rights.

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  • Bank Balances

The advantage of connecting your bank account with your Aadhaar number lies in the fact that financial advances that you get from several places will directly transfer to your account in the bank. Linking of Aadhaar card with Bank Account is Mandatory.

  • Mobile links

When it comes to getting new mobile or landline phone connections, it will possible to utilize the Aadhaar card for substituting KYC files such as address proofs and signs denoting the identity of a person. You must update the mobile number in Aadhar Card

How to Change Mobile Number in Aadhar Card
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  • Gas connections

As the PAHAL DBTL Scheme opines, individuals having Aadhar card can use it for getting subsidies on gas connections. If a person wants to take benefit of this facility, it is mandatory to have an Aadhar card that will relate not only to his gas connection but also to one of his bank accounts where the money will transfer.

  • Validity

The validity period of an Aadhaar card is as long as the cardholder shall live. It saves Indian citizens from the pain of increasing the validity period of the card from time to time.

How can you link your Aadhar Number with PAN for filing Income Tax?

People, who could not register IT returns as they failed to link Aadhaar with their PAN numbers, could do it with the help of a few simple steps.

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These are the steps by which you can connect your Aadhaar with PAN for yielding IT:

  1. There is a revenue tax site into which you have to log in. The website is https://www.incometaxindiafiling.gov.in/
  2. Select the option that says ‘Link Aadhaar.’
  3. Enter your Aadhar number, name PAN information according to your Aadhaar card
  4. Your Aadhaar number is a unique number where all the details about you will mention.

What is known as Aadhaar Number?

As it has been explained before, a person’s Aadhaar number is a unique identification number of 12 digits that all Aadhaar applicants given. Under this Aadhaar number, information about the cardholder is mentioned. Such information includes telephone numbers, bank accounts, and passports. Apart from that, it also contains the individual’s biometric information.

Numbering format of the Aadhaar

As the Aadhaar Number made up of 12 digits, information about 100 billion people can store securely in separate numbers. The 100 billion unique identities can create by the 11 digits. The final digit acts as nothing but a helping hand which is given to avoid errors during data entry.

Information that the Aadhaar Card contains

All Aadhaar cards issued to the citizens of India include certain particulars about the cardholders written under the unique card number. Let us inform you about these particulars one by one:

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  • The card holder’s name
  • The unique Aadhaar number of the card holder
  • Birthdate of the person
  • The card holder’s residential address as per records
  • Gender of the cardholder
  • A photo of the cardholder
  • A barcode that reflects the unique Aadhaar number

Eligibility criteria to receive an Aadhaar card

Aadhaar is a significant number that helps the citizens of our country to maintain just one record that will enough for serving several purposes. It acts as an identity proof and residential evidence. It will also advantageous if an individual seeks to facilitated by several schemes and subsidies declared by the government of the nation. So, it is incredibly essential for the inhabitants of India to possess their own Aadhaar card numbers. But, one has to be eligible to receive an Aadhaar number. The criteria are very straightforward, and the technicalities are not many.

When we are talking about eligibility, one must not forget that this card is always expected to serve as an identification proof. You don’t need to a citizen of India to receive an Aadhar card. It means that non-resident Indian, resident Indian or foreigner staying in India can quickly get an Aadhaar card. Let us have a look at the eligibility criteria point wise:

eligibility criteria

  • All citizens of India can apply to get an Aadhaar card
  • Children who are still below the age of three years are not eligible for Aadhaar cards
  • Aadhaar card is available for Indians residing outside the country
  • Resident Indians are eligible to get Aadhaar cards
  • Foreigners who are staying in India for one year are also eligible to get Aadhar cards.

All individuals staying in India, irrespective of their religion, race, and sex, are qualified for applying to receive a unique Aadhaar number as proof of their identity. It is not at all necessary for any individual to be an element of a particular section of our society to get an Aadhaar card.

Aadhaar card for minors

Minors will easily get Aadhaar cards after submitting details like birth certificate, the identity of mother and father and address proof. After getting their UID, minors need to upgrade the biometric information immediately after turning 15.

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Aadhaar card for foreigners

It might seem weird that something as crucial as the Aadhaar card is made available to foreigners as well. But Aadhaar is not evidence of citizenship, and therefore, foreigners who are residing in our country can also apply for this card.

Aadhaar Card eligibility criteria for foreigners

The Central Board of Direct Taxes has clearly stated that expatriates who have completed staying in India for 182 days or more can apply for obtaining Aadhaar cards. The government offers facilities to foreigners for getting Aadhaar with the help of high commission or embassy so that they can visit and stay in India without any trouble.

If foreigners can submit all the required documents, they will undoubtedly receive an Aadhaar card in India. It does not depend on whether they have Indian citizenship or not. At the age of 18, identity cards are mandatory for any person.

Online registration can be done from UADAI’s official website which is https://uidai.gov.in. The form is available on the official website, and it is the same for foreigners as well as Indians. There is no extra charge for foreigners to get an Aadhaar card.

Aadhaar card for non-residents

An Indian who does not reside in India can also benefit by the services that any Aadhaar card holder enjoys. All he needs to do is give an application, and he will be issued an Aadhaar card with a unique card number that will allow him to a part of the conveniences included under this system.

Aadhaar Card eligibility criteria for NRIs

Any NRI, like other Indian citizens, can apply to get an Aadhaar card in India. The process of getting an Aadhaar card for an NRI is the same as it is for any Indian citizen. There are two ways in which an NRI will be able to apply for availing Aadhaar: offline and online.

The NRI candidate can visit either the Unique Identification Authority of India’s official website or any enrolment center of the UIDAI to complete the registration process.

If you are an NRI, these are the simple steps to get your Aadhaar card by visiting an enrolment center of UIDAI:

To get an Aadhaar offline, first, you have to submit the required documents that can sufficiently establish your identity as a non-resident Indian. You also have to let them know the connection that you have with the foreign country that has given you a Green card.

They will verify all the documents submitted by you to decide if you are qualified to receive an Indian Aadhaar card or not. Documents that you need to carry are:

  • Certificate of Birth
  • School certificate
  • Photo ID
  1. After the verification of documents in step 2 which is biometric scanning, they will scan all ten fingers of the applicant and therefore, the physical presence of the candidate is mandatory on this occasion.
  2. Besides the fingertips, iris of the NRI applicant will also scan on the same day in the center of enrolment to sure about the unique identity of the applicant.
  3. After the completion of the scanning of iris and fingertips, the photograph of the candidate applying for Aadhaar will take at the center of enrolment with the help of a webcam. You will be able to see this photograph on your Aadhaar card.
Documents required for Stree Shakti Package
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AAdhaar Authority:

The authority usually consumes 3 months to give a hard copy of the Aadhaar card to the candidate, but the status can be tracked by the candidate from UIDAI’s official website. This span of 3 months is equal for both NRI and any ordinary citizen of India.

To check the status, you need to enter your number of enrolment that you will find in the enrolment acknowledgment slip. The enrolment acknowledgment slip will provide to you if the enrolment process becomes successful. Just like Indian residents, NRIs also have the liberty to get their e-Aadhaar cards downloaded from UIDAI’s website. The Aadhaar card’s digital copy is equally useful for obtaining services from the government.

An NRI applicant does not have to connect his Aadhaar card to his PAN as this rule is only for those who are residing in the country.

So, it does not matter whether you are a minor, a non-resident or a foreigner, if you are staying in India, you are eligible to get an Aadhaar card or UID. Now we will tell you how you are going to get an Aadhaar card.

Steps to get an Aadhaar Card

Citizens, interested in getting their own Aadhaar numbers, need to take help of the internet for reserving appointment date in the center where the processes for issuing Aadhaar cards are completed.

To acquire your Aadhaar card, follow these simple steps:

  • The first step is the reservation of an appointment in the center for Aadhaar. Information about your contact details will collect by the website, and you will permit to select a center for enrolment along with a date. On that particular date, you have to visit the center.
  • After the reservation of the appointment is finished, the applicant has to visit specific Aadhaar center, and he will ask to submit some biometric information like the records of his iris and his fingerprints. If you want to know the history of the aadhar Authentication, you can know from the site.
  • After the applicant provides all the required data, the authorities who will in charge of the procedure, confirm every detail.
  • When the verification process is successful, you will send a confirmation email or an SMS.
  • After a few minutes of receiving the email or message, the authorities will generate your Aadhaar number and send it to you.
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Documents required to receive an Aadhaar Card

If you want to receive your Aadhaar card, there are some simple and basic requirements that you need to fulfill.

  1. The physical presence of the applicant at the Aadhaar center is of supreme importance. Without this, it will not be possible for the concerned authorities to collect the required biometric information.
  2. There is some evidence that you need to carry along with you on the day of the biometric test. The evidence is as follows:
  • Age proof of the applicant
  • Documents establishing the applicant’s identity sufficiently
  • Establishing the residential address of the applicant
  • If the applicant is married, they will verify the applicant’s marriage proof.
  1. To provide proofs of the points mentioned above, an applicant can display any of these crucial documents on the date of biometric information collection:

Aadhar Proofs

  • Driving license
  • Passports
  • Any ID issued by the government of India
  • PAN card of the applicant
  • Birth certificate of the individual
  • Voter card of the applicant
  • SSLC certificate of the applicant

Form for Aadhaar enrollment

There is a form that has been linked to Aadhaar services by the government of India, and it famous by the name of correction form or enrollment form.

The use of this form can be seen during the submission of an application by the applicant to receive his own Aadhaar number. The individual has to enter necessary information about him in this form along with information about the supporting files provided by him.

What are the fees one needs to pay to get an Aadhaar Number?

The Aadhar is a service provided to residents of India entirely for free of cost and therefore, no question for alteration of fees arises. Aadhaar offers a service that functions as the most valid identity card for all Indian residents in all parts of India beyond any question.

The importance of this card also lies in the fact that it going to make it simpler for people of India to avail specific services issued by the government for the welfare of the masses. These two facts make it entirely beneficial for residents to own an Aadhaar card. Although it has not yet made mandatory in all places, very soon it will consider the only identity proof of a person residing in our country.


Some more information about Aadhar Cards

The authority that issues Aadhaar Numbers and Cards in India is the UIDAI or the Unique Identification Authority of India. The unique number that an applicant for Aadhaar card provided called the Unique Identification Number or UIN.

It collects demographic and biometric data of all inhabitants of the country. After storing the data securely within the archives of UIDAI, the authority issues a unique number to the applicant which consists of 12 digits. This particular number carrying 12 digits that the person gets is what we call the Aadhaar number.

Method of applying for the Aadhaar card

Aadhaar card has become the most potent identification card in the country containing not only the demographic information but also the biometric information of citizens.

To issue an Aadhaar card, a person has to be eligible for it. The application process for getting your own Aadhaar card entirely voluntary. Two most important tasks that need to do reserving appointment through the internet. Being physically present at the centre where the biometric information like fingerprint will collect.

The most straightforward method of reserving an appointment for registration for Aadhaar services

If you want to get your Aadhaar card, booking an appointment of AAdhar for completion of the registration process is the most crucial part. Scheduling appointment can make very quickly within minutes. If you schedule the appointment online for Aadhaar verification enrolment, it is going to save a lot of your valuable time. UIDAI’s appointment process is quite convenient and straightforward owing to the presence of useful resources.

The perfect method for upgrading information to entered in the Aadhaar card

We all know that Aadhaar card functions as a secure identification card, that collects and stores the biometric and demographic information about an individual. After the completion of the process of enrollment, a unique Aadhar number generated by UIDAI.

As the UIDAI issues an endless number of Aadhaar cards every day. it is possible that there appear some errors on your card regarding your details. Their provisions introduced by the UIDAI by which candidates can Correct the AAdhar card mistakes made on the card. If you lost the original aadhar card, duplicate Aadhar card can also get through the AAdhar centers.

The way of assessing Aadhaar status

Any individual is free to apply for an Aadhaar number either online or offline based on his convenience. The process of applying for Aadhaar straightforward and can do quickly by an individual. There are multiple methods available by which one can know about the status of his application. thus access the Aadhaar program’s status.

So, knowing about the status of your registration is not at all problematic. The most straightforward path open to all which through the Aadhaar’s internet portal designed by UIDAI for this purpose.

The government has developed mAadhar which is the mobile application for the carrying of Aadhar. And also BHIM Aadhar App has developed for Merchants  Aadhar Payment to the merchants’ savings account directly.

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