Nagoba Jatara – Keslapur

Keslapur Nagoba Jatara is the ethnical festival located in Keslapur, Iderevelly Mdl, Adilabad Dt, Telangana state, India. Nagoba is the India’s 2nd largest tribal festival and it can be celebrated for Ten days by the Mesaram clan people of tribes named as Gond.

The Tribal persons from the states of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Orissa they belongs to the Mesaram clan at the festival. 1000’s of people from these states are belonging to Mesaram clan. The festival starts in the Pushya masam.

In the Jatara of the night time, Gond tribes are do the Mahapuja of God Nogoba serpent. This pooja is the symbol for starting the Nagoba Jatara. In the Tribal jatara the Gusadi dance can be performed, it is the major attraction in the event of jatara.


Special Attractions in Temple

  • The major attraction of the temple is dancers performing Gond Tribes in the event of Nagoba Jatara.
  • In the time of Nagoba Jatara, you can find huge no. of devotees and pray to the god to achieve there goals.

Nagoba Jatara Location and Disctance

  • From Hyderabad to Nagoba Temple is with the distance of 136 km
  • From Karimnagar district the distance is 183 kms
  • From Warangal district the distance is 235 kms
  • From Adilabad district the distance is 32 kms

Nearby Attractive Locations

  • Kuntala Waterfalls
  • Pochera Waterfalls
  • Jainath Temple

Staying places in Nagoba Jatara

Here you can get the basic accommodation facilities to stay. Near to the temple you can find Uttnoor Taluk, there you can find Guest house & R and B Guest House.

Buses to Reach Keslapur Nagoba Jatara

To reach the Keslapur Nagoba Jatara you can find number of buses from top cities such as Warangal, Hyderabad, Adilabad and Karim nagar to Uttnoor. From there you can available the local transport facility services to reach the Nagoba Jatara.

Train Service to Reach Nagoba Jatara

From Keslapur to Sirpur Kagaznagar rail station in with the distance of 23kms. Kazipet junction is the major railway station to reach from any place. The distance from Kazipet to Keslapur is almost 174kms.

Keslapur Nagoba Jatara Contact Numbers

Adilabad Tourism Contact Number: 944081087

Telangana state Tourism Contact Number: 040 – 23450444, 1800 42545454.


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