Interesting Facts about the Republic Day of India. (26 January 2016)

India has its own constitution and also it is a Republic country. For every year the Indian people are celebrating the Republic day on January 26. Here you get to know the Unknown facts of the Republic day. In schools and colleges are celebrating the day with parades and more events. But you need to know more about the Interesting things on R Day. Here is the list of interesting facts about the Republic day that should know for every Indian in the country.

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1. Purna Swaraj Day

Before the Independence of our country, the 26 January day was celebrated as Purna Swaraj Day. At this day on 1930 year, the entire nation was decided to fight for the independence to our nation.

2. Republic Day History

After the independence, the political leaders are decided to give the equal respect to the Independence day as well as January 26, In 1950 year ,the leaders are decided and declared that Republic day of India as 26 January.

3. First Republic Day

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The Republic day has been started after the 3 years of Independence. The Republic day can be celebrated in the presence of PM Jawaharlal Nehru and President Rajendra Prasad.

4. 3 Day’s Ceremony

The Republic day is celebrated for 3 days. The celebrations start on 26 January- 29 January. The ending celebrations are done at India Gate and President’s House located in New Delhi.

5.  R Day Parade

From all over the world, R Day parade is the famous attraction. In India, the R Day parade was started in the year of 26 January 1955. This is most successful and greatest thing on the Republic Day.

6. Republic Day Song

The Republic Day song is belongs to the Christian Song, this thing was known for few people only. The ‘Abide with me’ song is played in R day. This was the Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite song. This song show the perfect meaning of the Republic.

7. Constitution & Republic Day

In 26 January 1950, Indian Constitution was declared that 26 January is the Republic Day of India. Around the 448 articles, the Indian constitution was written. It is available in Both Hindi and English Languages.

8. Constitution of India

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India country got the Republic but the write the constitution policies is a Biggest task, that responsibility was taken by Dr. B R Ambedkar. To write the Indian Constitution policies Ambedkar took 2 years 11 months.

9. Amar Jyoti

In the India Gate, PM placed the wreath in Amar Jyoti on the occasion of Republic Day. The Amar Jyoti is placed to pay the respect & thankfulness to the people who killed for our nation Independence.

10. R Day Awards

In the occasion of R day, Indian government distributes the awards to the people who make India proud. The distributing awards such as PAram veer chakra, Ashoka Chakra and more awards. The civilian awards such as Padma Bhushan, Kirti, Bharat Ratna awards also distributed on the Republic day occasion.

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