What is TamilRockers?

TamilRockers is a website dedicated to the recording and distribution of pirated copies of Indian and Hollywood films, subtitled to some of the most popular Indian languages. This particular website, classified as a bootleg recording network, gained a lot of popularity in the India, and due to the large amount of official languages that the India has, you can find movies for different regions, like TamilRockers Malayalam or TamilRockers Telugu.


This website was launched in 2011, and since then began its collection and distribution of pirated movies in different languages and formats. It has films from different regions of India, including:

  • Tamil Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Hindi Movies
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Kannada Movies
  • English Movies

Due to the large number of films and languages available, it quickly became popular, but began to gain more popularity when it released certain films that were recorded directly in the cinema illegally, such as Premam and Ory Vadakkan Selfie, 2 films highly anticipated in India.

Is TamilRockers Website is on fly again?


How is TamilRockers maintained?

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TamilRockers works with a membership system. Users pay a monthly fee to register and, with some movies, pay to download it, the latter being more common when it is a highly anticipated film in the country. Along with this, the advertising system that can be seen on any website is added, generating a considerable amount of income for the owners of the page. In this way they manage to keep the website in good working order. When the Premam movie came out, they charged 50 Rs. Per person to download it.

Another important point is that the government of India has tried several times to close the website, get the owners or responsible and remove all the content of the website. Unfortunately, most attempts have been a failure, since the web has different anti tracking systems:

  • The server is hosted somewhere in the United States, according to investigators from the local police of India.
  • The server changes its IP address constantly, which means that any attempt at tracking is not satisfactory.
  • TamilRockers has been blocked from India in different opportunities, managing to avoid access to the page, but the owners change the domain and IP of the server to avoid blocking, which means that the page is always active in a different domain.

Police investigation of TamilRockers

Content Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Thiruvananthapuram/tamil-rockers-on-police-radar/article7476004.ece

Due to piracy cases, multiple complaints have been made against TamilRockers, including in the case of piracy of Premam, one of the hits of India that appears on the page. Anti-piracy divisions in India are constantly working on finding a clue that will lead them to the creators and founders of TamilRockers. Some of the methods they have used to track them include:

  • Server IP tracing: this has not been successful due to the constant change of IP of TamilRockers, which makes the page and its server are almost impossible to track.
  • Money Tracking: investigators have been tracking where goes the money users pay when they register, trying to find the final beneficiary, but they have not been successful with this method either.
  • Sri Lanka: Once there was a clue that one of the administrators operated with an IP located in Sri Lanka, but the track did not lead anywhere.
  • Arrest of Gowri Shankar: At the end of last year Gowri Shankar was arrested in the city of Chennai, who was believed to be the principal administrator of TamilRockers. Shankar turned out to be simply someone who was a part, but not his founder.

Police investigations continue day after day in the search for any clue that may lead to the identification, capture and conviction of those responsible behind TamilRockers. Different researchers from different anti-piracy cells have joined forces in the search. It is said that the famous film actor and president of the Tamil Nadu Producer Council, Vishal Krishna, was part of the team that helped identify and capture the aforementioned Gowri Shankar.

Meanwhile, TamilRockers continues to offer its services without interruption, including the creation of the TamilRockers Forum, a site where they maintain direct interaction with users, who can make suggestions and request that certain films be uploaded to the website.

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