10 Unknown Facts about the Red Fort

Red Fort is the famous tourist place located in Delhi, India. For every year, many people come and visit this attractive location. The actual name of this RedFort is Qila-e-Mubarak. This fort is the India’s most important building. For every Independence day it is the venue for flag hosting ceremony.

Here you can get the list of 10 interesting and unknown facts of the Red Fort

1. In the beginning the Red Fort was in white color. The India’s Archeological survey reported that in the few parts of the fort is used lime plaster. After the fading of white color, the Britisher’s was painted the red and named it as Red Fort.

2. Red Fort or Qila e Mubarak was designed by Ustad Ahmad and Ustad Hamid, those are popular architects in the time of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. They started the construction in the year of 1638 and completed it in 1648 year.

3. In the year of 2007, the historic construction has been recognized by UNESCO world Heritage. Based on the historic and significance of the fort, it named as UNESCO.

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4. The Fort is shaped in Octagonal, made it with red color and the whole fort circled by Huge wall which having the area of 256 acres. The tourists can have the 2 entrance as Delhi Gate and Lahore Gate to enter into the Red Fort.

5. The fort is a having a magnificent architecture with the public meeting halls, amazing gardens, marble places and a mosque.

6. In the Red fort you can find the popular house named as ‘Rang Mahal’. The emperor is spent time with his wives at this fabulous location and also did dinner with famous people for some times.

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7. Men’s are not allowed to enter into the Rang Mahal except the Emperor. Only Emperor and his wives, and allowed only ennuchs into the surrounding of the mahal and announce the message from out side.

8. The Red Fort is the place for amazing Kohinoor Diamond under the ruling of emperor Shah Jahan. Later, Nadir Shah stolen the diamond and now we can see it in Royal Crown Collection, England.

9. Bahadur Shah Zafar was the last emperor of the Red fort and tried the fort from the British but he failure.

10. The Britishers was taken the Red Fort after the Ruling of Mughals. They demolish the structure of Red Fort and solded most valuable things.

This is the information about the significant culture of the Red Fort and it attracts by many visitors.

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