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What can be done if you lost or misplaced Aadhaar Card?

Many people have still not received their Aadhaar cards. They are in the process of getting it. But, as Aadhaar card’s usage is increasing in India, you cannot misplace or lose it at any cost. Many people are there who have somehow lost Aadhaar cards and therefore, the question arises of what can be done now. If you are unable to find the Aadhaar card, don’t panic. There are ways in which you can avail your rare Aadhaar number’s duplicate copy quite easily. The government has developed a retrieval process of getting the Aadhaar card back for Indian residents.

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The first significant task after losing UID number should be contacting the UIDAI center and reporting them as early as possible. There is one toll-free number that serves this particular purpose. The number is 1800-180-1947. The number is available 24 hours of the day. Other than calling, there are options available for acquiring a misplaced Aadhaar card’s duplicate copy.

What is more crucial: Aadhaar Card or Aadhaar Number?

One of the most common misconceptions regarding Aadhaar is that it is mandatory for all citizens to have the Aadhaar card for availing services from the government. This concept is not at all right. The central viewpoint is that the card is not the crucial thing. What is of supreme importance is the Aadhaar number. If you know your Aadhaar number, it does not matter whether you have a card or not.

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What does EID number stand for?

EID primarily means Enrolment ID. It is merely a number, made up of 28 digits. The EID is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India. You can find your EID in the Aadhaar Acknowledge Receipt provided to you. This number contains the following information:

  • EA Code of 4 digits
  • Station Code of 5 digits
  • An 8-digit date of enrolment
  • Time of the enrolment (6 digits)
  • The sequence of 5 digits

These are the steps need to be taken after losing an Aadhaar card:

  • Call at 1800-180-1947, the number launched by UIDAI for this purpose
  • At the time of enrollment for getting UID number, all candidates are given one copy of acknowledgment which carries a unique enrolment number of 14 digits. If you have that number with you, getting Aadhaar card’s duplicate copy will be quite easy. Just let UIDAI know your enrollment number and a new Aadhaar card will be mailed to you and sent to your residential address.
  • The enrolment number can also be received from enrolling register.
  • If you can recall the date, time and name of the registrar on the day of your enrolment, you will get back the Aadhaar card. Details such as mobile number, address, etc. can be helpful in the process. After matching your details, they will send you the Aadhaar number via SMS, email and to the place where you reside.
  • If the steps that are mentioned above fail to work out for you, visit the enrolment center near your home and you can take help from them.
  • From the official website of UIDAI, e-Aadhaar can be downloaded. You need to submit the contact number which you have used during registration. After that, they will send a code to you, and this code will be helpful in the process of Aadhaar number retrieval.

Note: The E – Aadhaar is only valid until the original Aadhaar Card is acquired by you via post and wherever it is needed as identification purpose the print out of Aadhaar Card is acceptable as a valid ID also as Address proof.

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