How to Fill Aadhaar Card Correction Form

The registration and correction form for Aadhaar card:

All individuals need to follow a specific process for being able to complete the application process essential to receive an Aadhaar card.

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The candidate needs to take care of three things:

  • booking an appointment in an Aadhaar center
  • submitting documents and the application form
  • The first form is the form for enrollment
  • Then there is the form of card correction
  • It will appear at that time when the applicant can change some information provided by him if he thinks it essential.

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The Aadhar Update / Correction Form contains the following sections that the applicant need to be filled:

  • Field for Update/Correction – This section is required to select the area you would like to Correct (or) Update.
  • These Areas are:
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth in DD MM YYYY format
  • Address
  • Email ID

You can choose one or more fields as per your requirements

  • Aadhaar Number – This section is required to type your 12 Digit Aadhaar No.
  • The following section contains in the english language along with local language that observed in your Aadhaar Letter.
  • These Area are:
    • The name of the resident
    • Gender – Choose from Male, Female or Transgender
    • Address or C/O Details – Select from C/O, D/O, S/O, W/O, HO
    • The Name of the Guardian / Parent / Spouse
    • The Name of the House or Building Apartment
    • The Name of the Street / Road / Lane
    • Name of the Landmark
    • Name of the Area / Locality / Sector
    • Name of the Village / Town / City
    • District Name
    • Post Office
    • State
    • Pin Code
  • Mobile Number – This section is very important in order to enter your contact no. 
  • E-mail – This section is an optional to enter your email address.
  • The following section is the Documents field where you need to write the document names what your are attaching. You can refer to Annexure 1 of the form to see the list of valid documents. There are four spaces to fill in namely:
    • POI (For name correction)
    • Pol (For name change)
    • DOB (For change in date of birth)
    • POA (For change in address)
  • After all these fields have been filled with the correct information, you will be required to sign the form or provide a thumbprint stating that the information you have provided is true and accurate.
  • Two addresses are provided at the bottom of the form. You can choose to send the completed form to any of the addresses mentioned below:
    • UIDAI Post Box No. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India
    • UIDAI Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034, India

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