Use Instagram like a pro: Photo & Video resolutions

Instagram Dimensions

Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the popular countries like India, Canada, and many more popular countries. with more than 95 million posts every single day. Also, it’s the photographers’ favorite social network, a place where they can share their pictures with a larger audience and even start their photography business. But there some optimal sizes and resolution for each kind of post, so if you don’t want your pictures to crop, it’s time to learn the Instagram dimensions.

Instagram picture size

The Instagram dimensions have changed a lot since its launch day, with every change being made to satisfy the needs of the users. The original Instagram Dimensions of photo size was 612 x 612px, then they changed it to 640 x 640px and another change months later to 1080 x 1080px. Those changes made to keep up the pace with the new smartphones and tablets’ high-resolution screens, avoiding unnecessary distortion of the photos.

People who use Instagram to upload photos taken with the application only do not need to know about the resolutions, since Instagram automatically uses the default size. But if you want to upload a photo that taken from another device and you want to avoid the crop, our Instagram Dimensions guide will help you a lot.

Instagram dimensions: Learning the basics

There are 5 types of Instagram’s post: Square, vertical, horizontal, for stories and video, with each one having its own resolution.

  • Square: Instagram’s original image format. The actual resolution for square pictures is 1080px x 1080px. You can upload images with a larger resolution, but if you maintain the 1:1 ratio, the image will fit in the square.

  • Vertical: the vertical size implemented in 2015 and it gained popularity really fast. The actual resolution for vertical pictures is 1080px x 1350px. There some app that can resize your pictures by adding it a white frame to avoid the crop, allowing users (especially photographers) to show pictures beyond the size limit. Ideal for portraits and selfies.

  • Horizontal: introduced with the vertical size, this resolution is 1080px x 566px, but you can upload an image as big as 1920px x 1080px and Instagram Dimensions will resize it to 1080px x 566px without cropping it. Ideal for landscapes.

  • Video: The Instagram resolution for video is a bit tricky to match. It has a size of 481px x 599.484. If you know about graphical design or photography, you will know that a pixel can’t divide.

  • Stories: Instagram Dimensions stories are basically a copy of Snapchat, that’s not a secret. However, these stories used like crazy, so you don’t want to miss the chance to post yours. The stories’ photo and video resolution depend on the device that viewed on, however, our recommended resolution for it is 1080px x 1280px.

And that’s it, everything that you need to know about Instagram photo sizes. We really hope that can find this guide useful, the Instagram resolutions used for this guide updated to April 2018.

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