Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme

About Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme

Telangana Government has taken a great initiative for the farmers. They proposed a budget of Rs 1, 74,453.84 crores. In the year 2018-2019, they solely want to focus on the agricultural sector.

Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme has been launched to take this initiative further. Under this scheme, the Telangana Government has decided to allocate insurance cover worth 5 lakhs and investment support up to Rs 8,000 per acre for the farmers of Telangana State.

Rythu Bandhu scheme Telangana is also known as FISS or Farmers’ Investment Support Scheme.

Telangana Rythu Bandhu
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The two pillars of this scheme are welfare and irrigation.

The total budget of this scheme

According to the Finance Minister of Telangana, E Rajender, the total budget is Rs 1, 74,453.84 crores. This budget is for 2018-2019. Out of this budget, Rs 1, 25,454.70 crores will be the revenue expense. Apart from that, Rs 33,369.10 crore will be the capital expense.

He also stated that in this financial year the revenue of the state is going to touch Rs 73,751 crore. In this particular budget, agriculture received substantial allocations. This scheme is known to be one of the best Telangana government schemes. It is launched to help the farmers across the state.

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The total budget of the Rythu Bandhu scheme Telangana is 12000 crore. This entirely allocated for the scheme of Investment Support. The farmers will receive Rs 4,000 investment support for each crop.

It will be provided for two crops. The government will start distributing these benefits from 2018-2019 onwards. Farmers will remarkably benefited by this scheme. That is why it is counted to be one of the best Telangana schemes.

The insurance cover for the farmers

According to the Finance Minister of Telangana under this Farmer Group Insurance Scheme, the farmers of this state will get an insurance scheme up to 5 lakhs. The total budget for this scheme is 500 crore.

This budget divided into different parts. The first part of farm mechanisation. Just to promote the farm mechanization, the government has decided to invest Rs 522 crore. Rs 127 crore has allocated for the successful promotion and development of micro-irrigation.

Along with that, Rs 120 crore will earmarked for greenhouse and poly house cultivation. Additionally, for the development of different marketing and agricultural sector, they have allocated a budget of Rs 15,788. These are some of the budget allocations of the Telangana government schemes.

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The benefits of this scheme

The Chief Minister has already explained all the benefits of the KTR 12000 Cr scheme. Over 1.42 crore farmers will benefit from this Rythu Bandhu scheme Telangana according to the budget allocation. Over 1.62 crore acre land of agriculture will cover.

The crop investment support will be provided for these agricultural lands. According to the Chief Minister over 20 lakh acre land will be free from different types of litigation. Along with that, over 2 lakh acre land of the state involved in litigation according to him.

Srinivas Reddy, the agricultural Minister, has stated that now there is no deficiency of fertilizers or seeds in the state. The coordination committees of the farmers have given significant responsibilities. The members of this committee have to take different pieces of training so that they can solve the problems related to farmers quite easily.

This training will be provided by the Rural Development Institute of the state of Telangana. Along with that, the members of this committee will send to Israel so that they can learn different agriculture practices. Later on, they will implement those practices in the state. But it will done for those who will do a commendable job.

Other exceptional facilities

Not only the farmers but also women, senior citizens, different backward classes, in the state will benefit by the Telangana schemes. The government has decided to spend Rs 5,300 crore for the social security of the pensioners. For the special development fund for the SC, and the government earmarked Rs 16,453 crore, and also for the ST the budget is Rs 9,693 crore in the year 2019-2019.

The Telangana Government has also launched the Shaadi Mubarak Scheme and Kalyana Lakshmi scheme for the women. These Telangana government schemes will help women financially for their marriage. Here the amount or the budget proposed by the Telangana Government is Rs 1,450 crore.

Distribution of Money

Through a Bank Bearer Cheque by a brand new set up corporation of Rythu Samanvaya Samiti the money will distribute to the farmers. At the village level, the AEO’s (Agriculture Extension Officers) will supervise the distribution of Rythu Bandhu cheques.

For making entries of money distribution they need Tablet Computer and the Telangana Government will provide to them.

Monitoring of Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme

The NIC (National Informatics Centre) had being develoed a special Dashboard Software in order to monitor this Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme remotely.

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