Top 10 Famous Tourist Places in South India

About Top 10 Famous Tourist Places in South India

In India, you can find many fabulous touring places to visit during your holiday time. In South India, you can find the Best Tourist Places in South India in the following states Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states. South India is famous for cultural heritage & traditions and it is also famous for beautiful landscapes and Architectural buildings. This article will guide you about Top 10 Famous Tourist Places in South India as well as the brief description.

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Best Tourist Places in South India

The following is the List of Best Tourist Places in South India:

10. Nagarahole National Park

In the First Place, The Nagarahole park is located in Kodagu district, Karnataka State. It is one among the National Parks in India. This National park can also be called as Rajiv Gandhi National Park. The tourists can get a lot of enjoyment from seeing the biodiversity of animals. The Nagarahole is popular for the following attractions valleys, waterfalls, hills and streams.

9. AlleppeyAlleppey

Alleppey is also very popular in South India. It is the best destination place for tourists located in Kerala state. This place can also call as Alappuzha. Alleppey has the cultural history with canals, beaches and lagoons. This place is surrounded by the great Arabian Sea. This is one of the best touring spots in India.

8. Mysore

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People lovingly called the Mysore as ‘City of Palaces’ because of the beauty of this place is having the architectural buildings and natural beauty of the locations. This is very popular for the tourism in South India. The major attractions are the Folklore Museum and St. Philomena’s Church.

7. Goa

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Goa is popularly known for the numerous beaches. It is the Top and best tourist place in south India. For every year almost 1 million people are visiting the Goa. Here you can find the lot of temples, forts, churches and many beaches. It is placed in the World Heritage Sites list.

6. Madurai

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In Tamil Nadu state, Madurai city is the very popular and most important tourist spot in South India. The people can get more entertainment from seeing the beautiful locations. The city is famous for many theme parks and temples.

5. Varkala

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Varkala is the tremendous tourist spot located in Kerala, South India. This place is very famous for its cultural heritage and traditions. Many people are attracted to see Varkala because of Vavu Beli place. It is a Hindu custom at the beach. Many tourists are coming from longer places to visit the beach.

4. Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters
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The Backwater is the chain of lakes and lagoons which parallel to the Arabian Sea. The amazing place is located in Kerala state of South India. Here tourists can do houseboats in the backwater. It is the most visiting place in South India.

3. Kochi Fort

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The Fort Kochi place is very popular for amazing places such as Bishop’s House, Jain Temple, Southern Naval Command Maritime museum and Dutch Cemetery. This is the most visiting place in India. The people came from other countries to watch these beautiful locations.

2. Chennai

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In South India, Chennai is the second best touring spot because of the great culture & hospitality. The major attractions of Chennai are beaches and temples. This is the best place for historic significance and great culture.

1. Hampi

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The Hampi village is located in the Karnataka State, South India. This is the place for many historical sites such as Talarigatta Gate & Kadalekalu Ganesha. This is the best place to define the History of South India.

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