PAN Card Details-Types and Documents

PAN Card Types in India

PAN Card Details: It has been made mandatory by the Department of Income Tax that all entities paying tax must possess PAN card. NGOs, individuals, companies, NRIs, and even foreign candidates can apply for PAN Card.

Pan Card Details
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PAN Card Details for ordinary people

With the help of a PAN Card Details, an individual can keep track of all his economic transactions. The IT department calculates the total amount of tax by calculating all the transactions made by an individual.

PAN Card for organizations and companies

A company’s PAN Card is quite similar to the PAN Card possessed by an Indian citizen. The dissimilarity is that a company’s PAN Card is devoid of any picture. In place of birth date of the applicant, registration date of the organisation is required.

Pan Card
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PAN Card for overseas citizens residing in India

  • Foreigners who are interested in performing business in our country require a PAN card. Know the PAN Card details process of the application which does not differ much from that of Indians. However, the form is different as it is 49AA for the foreigners. All bodies that are qualified to get PAN card as the citizens of India can also get a PAN as a citizen of overseas. The particular list includes trusts, HUFs, individuals, etc.

The IT department calculates the amount that the company or organization is required to pay. If you want to make this transaction, a PAN card is necessary.

Documents that you need to submit to get a PAN Card

So many documents are not required to apply for a PAN Card. You only need to submit documents of your address proof and the documents related to your identity verification. After the verification process is finished, NSDL will give your PAN Card. In case, the records submitted are not correct, the application for PAN will be rejected by NSDL.

Documents required for Stree Shakti Package
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What are the advantages of having a PAN Card?

  • As PAN Card is an identification card, it stores information such as name, picture, age, etc. of a person. So, the card can be used as a valid identity card by the candidate.
  • As the PAN number is a unique number, misuse of this number for different fraudulent activities is next to impossible.
  • With the help of your PAN number, you can monitor the amount of tax you are paying. Without the existence of PAN, it will not be possible to verify the tax paid by you.
  • PAN card is also used for availing phone, electricity, internet, LPG and other services.
  • As PAN is a special number for identification that is allotted to the citizen who pays tax. With the help of it, all types of financial information can be tracked. Such financial information includes tax payments, investments that the candidate makes, debt liability of the candidate, etc.

You can Apply for a PAN Card in any of these Websites:




PAN Card Customer Care Number: 020 27218080

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