Reasons why you should use BitLord

If you are a person who uses Torrent, you probably know that having a good Torrent client is important when downloading files so the process is fast and there are no problems with your files. In case you want to try a different client, BitLord is a popular BitTorrent client with many positive aspects.

What is BitLord?

BitLord is a BitTorrent client that is easy to use and free. It is available for Windows and Mac OS, and the program has some useful features that other clients don’t have.

What are the advantages of using BitLord?

Compared to the standard BitTorrent client, BitLord has many things that will make downloading files easier.

This client has a browser so you can search the files you want to download directly there, so you don’t have to look for the torrent in other site. It also has the option of streaming content while is being downloaded, so you can start playing audio or video before the download is completed. Additionally, you have the option to create a playlist with your audio and video files to reproduce them together.

In case you are watching a video, you can search subtitles for it if you play it in the player that it has. They are gotten from opensubtitles and the program fetches them automatically.

This client is not heavy and it is really easy and fast to install. Its size is 40MB. The initial download is small and it will take only a few minutes. When you are installing the program, it will download the actual file of BitLord, which is the one that weights 40MB.

You can see information about the files you are downloading while they are still being downloaded, like the size of the files, the speed, the number of seeders and peers and the percentage of the file that they have, or the place from where the files are being downloaded. This can be useful in case the peers don’t have the complete file or the site to which is trying to connect is offline. This way you won’t waste your time trying to get a file from a specific Torrent since the download would never be completed.

Its interface is very simple so everybody can find it easy to use. Besides that, the client has many options to customize the settings. This way you can change the appearance and select how you want your files to download. Users that know a little bit more about computers can take advantage of this.

BitLord also has the option to schedule downloads. This way files will be downloaded/uploaded at a specific hour if you want. This could be a moment when internet’s speed is higher or when you are not using your computer.

Something interesting is that you can create Torrents in this client using files in your computer and that it has a section (RRSS feed) where news about Torrent are displayed.

You can use a password to protect the program and it supports different ways of downloading files. You can do it either with a torrent file, an URL or a magnet link.

The number of download and uploads is unlimited and you can do them as often as you want, but you can change the number of files that will be downloaded at the same time, in case you want something to be finished sooner.

BitLord Website: http://www.bitlord.com

BitLord Support: https://www.bitlord.com/support

BitLord Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BitLord

BitLord Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitlordapp