Top 10 Online Jobs for Students in India

If a student wants to earn extra income in his free time then online jobs are the better option to choose. In the present Internet world, we are seeing huge development in the technology. You can find many online jobs in the Internet which helps you to make money in your free time. online jobs are the best way and easiest way to do and while doing work, you can also learn many new things. If a person wants to do the online jobs they need a computer along with the Internet connection is enough.

Here is the List of Top 10 online jobs are available for the students in the Internet world:

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10. Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Job Site: https://www.freelancer.com

While pursuing your studies wants to earn extra amount in your free time, then best way is to go for the Data entry jobs. In Internet you can find data entry job portals like freelancer.com and more, they hire you based on their requirement. The basic thing to do data entry job is to have speed typing skill. The Data entry job is most famous in the technological world.

9. Filling Online Survey forms

Many of Companies and Websites are maintaining their records in online. For that the companies hire you to fill the online survey forms, they will pay you based on forms submission. This is an efficient and easiest way to earn money by the students in their free time. The process of updating the online forms is not taking much time.

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8. Playing Online Games

To Play online Games, visit: www.games.meramaal.com

A person can earn huge amount on playing the online games, it is difficult to digest but it is fact. Many online game companies are providing the free games in the internet to test efficiency of their online games and later they hire as game tester. Companies are conducting the various online games for students, based on playing you can earn money.

7. Clicking Ads

Best Site for Clicking Ads: https://www.clixsense.com

To earn money in easiest way then clicking the ads is the risk less online job. Many companies are providing these advertisement clicking jobs. Based on time you are clicking the ads you can earn money. The few sites such as ClixSense, BuxP, NeoBux and ClixSense are hosting the other website ads. These sites not give you the huge amount in the first time, based on your spending your time in internet and learning strategies to earn money.

6. Designing Logos

If you are good to work and having an interest on making and designing the logos, then you can try for that companies to earn money in online. This logo designing is very popular and easy way to earn more money. You can find many freelancing sites to get the job into designing the logos.

5. Captcha Solver

Everyone can aware of captcha. When you are signup for any website have to fill all details manually there is no automate option to fill the details. The companies are hire people to fill the captchas for them. To do this type of jobs, we need lot of patience and speed of work. It is low paying job where you can get 2 dollars on submitting 1000 captchas. If you are speed in typing then you can try for these types of jobs.

 4. YouTube Channel

To Open a Account, visit: https://www.youtube.com/account

If you want to earn more money then start a YouTube channel by own. Upload the new videos like cooking, art, electronics and more type of videos in your free time. May those videos will useful for someone and based on viewers of your post you can earn money. Some time takes to earn viewership to start the Youtube and you can earn money by gradually.

 3. Online Teaching

Best Website: http://www.tutor.com

If you are well and love the teaching profession then you need not to travel any place. You can monitor and teach the classes to the students in online. You can find many teaching companies and websites in the internet world. In these days more number of students prefers for the Internet classes where you can find online classes info at the best sites like tutor.com and more. The online teacher can earn money from the students on teaching the classes.

2. Review Writing

When you are buying a product in online, you may follow the reviews of the product. In that basis many companies hire the people to write positive reviews about their company in many sites. For this job, you can easily earn 150/- to 200/- Rs. for an hour. Based on how many writing the reviews you can get paid the money. You can find many Review writing job sites such as slicethepie.com and more.

1. Article Writing

Article writing is an popular job in the internet where college students as well as housewife anyone can having an interest to write an articles based on their interest. You can earn more money on writing the articles and also it is a very flexible job. Anyone can work as part time or full time job. While writing the articles you can also learn many new things in day to day life.