Arogya Laxmi Programme-WDCW

About Arogya Laxmi Programme Scheme

An Arogya Laxmi Programme Scheme of WDCW has been introduced by the state government of Telangana to spot feed “one full meal” to women who are pregnant and those who are lactating at the centre of Anganwadi. The government started this programme on 1st January, in the year 2013 under the ICDS project of the government.

Integrated Child Development Services
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Details of Arogya Laxmi Scheme Distribution

The project brings into consideration 4,076 small Anganwadi Centers and 31,897 main centres. One complete meal will be provided by them including dal, rice, sambar or leafy vegetables, boiled egg and also milk (200 ml). The milk will be available for 30 days, that is, one whole month. If a woman consumes one full non-veg meal, 40-45% of the daily calorie requirement along with 40-45% daily calcium and protein requirement will be fulfilled. It is applied to both lactating and pregnant women. Besides the meal, women can also get IFA (Iron Folic Acid) tablet. Children above the age of 7 months and below the age of 3 years will be provided with 16 eggs on a monthly basis. But, children above 3 years and under 6 years will be provided with 30 eggs on a monthly basis.

Arogya Laxmi program
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Arogya Laxmi Scheme Primary Objectives:

  1. Enhancement of the acceptability and quality of supplementary nutrition that the pregnant, as well as lactating women, get.
  2. Ensuring that the food supplied by them should consume by the pregnant lady only.
  3. Taking care of the fact that at least 90 IFA tablets absorbed by the lactating or the pregnant woman.
  4. Decreasing the chances of anaemia due to lack of nourishment in pregnant and lactating ladies.
  5. Fighting malnutrition in infants and children and also increasing the birth rate.
  6. It also includes the reduction in the maternal rate mortality and the infant mortality rate.
  7. Improving mothers’ enrollment in the state’s Anganwadi Centres
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Monitoring and implementation of duties by the committee

Each committee has 11 members. These some of the areas monitored by them:

  • Ensuring pre-registration of women that are pregnant
  • Issuance of MCP cards to lactating mothers and pregnant ladies on Village Health and Nutrition Day
  • The permanent advance of Rs 1500 will release in the initial stage of the AWWs.
  • Conducting training as well as awareness campaigns for ALMSC members, field functionaries, etc.
  • Minimum 10 villages from 5 projects will visit by the Project Director on a monthly basis
  • Supervisor and CDPO will be answerable if there are issues regarding food quality and food gaps.

Important Details of Arogya Laxmi Programme

  • Arogya Laxmi Scheme of WDCW Website: http://wdcw.tg.nic.in/Arogya_Lakshmi.html
  • Honourable Telangana Women and Children Welfare Minister – Sri Tummala Nageswara Rao.
  • Women and Children Welfare Minister Address – H – NO: 01 – 231 / 18, Gollagudem, Khammam – Urban(M), Khammam District.
  • Women and Children Welfare Minister Contact Number 9866093456