Mission Bhagiratha – Clean Drinking Water in Across Telangana

About Mission Bhagiratha Project

Mission Bhagiratha Scheme is one of the latest projects in Telangana in order to offer the people better-living conditions. It aims in order to provide Clean Drinking Water in Across Telangana State. The budget for this project is Rs 43,791 crores. The man behind this great project is K Chandrashekar Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana.

Mission Bhagiratha


మిషన్ భాగీరత is the Scheme of PHMED Telangana which aims in order to supply piped water to 60 lakh villages in the state and 2.32 crore residents belonging to 20 lakh families in Telangana’s urban areas. Alongside RWSS Telangana is also another rural development department in order to provide the water supply in rural areas. The two sources of the drinkable water that people will be supplied are River Krishna and River Godavari. The Chief Minister plans in order to supply Clean Drinking Water in Across Telangana State by 2018’s June.

Public Health and Municipal Engineering Department Telangana
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History of Mission Bhagiratha Scheme

According to Indian mythology, Bhagiratha was the great monarch who welcomed Ganga, the river goddess  to Earth from paradise. The project has been named after king Bhagiratha. The project was started in 2016, on 6th August.

king Bhagiratha
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The primary impetus for the project i.e in order to provide water supply to the Telangana Districts people have come from the miserable state of the people of Nalgonda district. They forced in order to drink polluted groundwater. The residents of 973 villages were drinking water with the high quantity of fluoride that causes fluorosis. A similar type of Telangana drinking water supply project has earlier supervised by K. Chandrashekar Rao in 1996 when he was Telangana’s MLA. He has pledged at Komatibanda village that he will not let the people of his state suffer due to lack of safe water anymore.

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Implementation of the Mission Bhagiratha Project

The project has divided into 26 segments in order to provide Clean Drinking Water in Across Telangana State. The target is in order to provide 100 liters of water to each rural individual for drinking and 150 liters of drinkable water to each urban dweller. 4 TMC has planned for the industrial purpose. For more details regarding this project, you can visit the Official website.

Important Details of మిషన్ భాగీరత

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