Mission Kakatiya Telangana

Mission Kakatiya- restoring irrigation tanks in Telangana

One of the latest agricultural programs of the state government of Telangana is to restore the lakes and small irrigation tanks in the state- the Mission Kakatiya in Telangana. As many as 46,531 tanks, as well as lakes, are supposed to be rejuvenated under this project. The quantity of water that all these water reservoirs can store is around 265 TMC. Within the next five years, the government of Telangana is likely to achieve this target. The geospatial and geotagging database is also prepared for the same number of tanks to be analysed and monitored. In the areas where these tanks are located, the household income of the folks who depend on agriculture has also increased up to 78.50%. This is one of the most significant advantages of Mission Kakatiya.

Mission Kakatiya
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History of the Mission Kakatiya

Until the rule of the Nizam, the storage capacity in the Telangana region was 244 TMC. Because of negligence, the majority of the tanks were in dangerous condition. In the year 1956, under 70,000 irrigation tanks in Telangana, the agricultural land was of 25 lakh acres approximately. But, in 2014, the number of tanks was reduced to 46,531, half of which was devoid. There was no water. Water wells became the only source of water for agriculture. But, due to insufficient underground water, even bore wells dug by farmers dried up in the summer season.

On 12th March, in the year 2015, K. Chandrashekar Rao, the chief minister of Telangana, inaugurated this program in the Nizamabad district. He expects to finish the work before 2019. The Mission Kakatiya derives its name from the Kakatiya rulers. T. Harish Rao, the Minister of Irrigation in Telangana is supervising this project.

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Kakatiya Mission and its phases

This particular project has four phases:

  • In the first phase, 8003 tanks will be rejuvenated
  • The second phase has its target of 8927 tanks
  • Phase 3 will deal with 5886 tanks
  • 6000 tanks will be rejuvenated in the fourth phase of this project
  • In the last phase, they will rejuvenate the remaining number of tanks and also create new tanks.

Let us learn about the benefits of Mission Kakatiya

More than 2.88 lakh acres of agricultural land in Telangana now get sufficient water for irrigation. This number will be at least 10 lakh acres after the Kakatiya Mission is finished. Besides yield of paddy, maize, cotton, etc. the income of fishers has also increased up to 35%.

 Mission Kakatiya Website: https://missionkakatiya.cgg.gov.in

Mission Kakatiya Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissionKakatiya

Mission Kakatiya Twitter: https://twitter.com/missionkakatiya

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