Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) – Hyderabad

Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises – MSME

The Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) is a branch of Indian Government. The service is for administration and formulation of rules, regulations & laws relates to micro, small & medium enterprises in India. Giriraj Singh is the present MSME Minister since September 2017. In Hyderabad, The MSME was established in 1956 year with the name if MSME – Development Institute (MSME DI Hyderabad).

MSME Services

Technical Assistance Service

MSMEDI-Hyd guides the entrepreneurs in the selection process, product, and machinery, raw material, plant layout, quality improvement, modernization, pollution control, etc.., The Entrepreneurs visits the Institute on any day in the week and consults trade officers.

Project Profiles:

The MSME Hyderabad prepares & updates the project profiles on choosing feasible projects in the micro & small scale corporations. The profile containing products info, the process of manufacturing, manpower & materials, capital requirements, the economics of working and more.

To know more about the MSME DI Hyderabad Project Info details, latest updates and downloads, visit:


Under this Modernization program, the technical up gradation of units, as well as studies modernization, will consider.

Skill Development Programs

Entrepreneurs and management personnel’s, MSMEDI Hyderabad is conducting training programs on developing the required skills for medium and small enterprises.

The Training Calendar list can be listed in the following link. For more details, visit:

The Skill Development programs are in 4 steps:

These following programs are provided to give the inputs to the entrepreneurship

  1. Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programs (ESDPs)
  2. Management Development Programs (MDPs)
  3. Skill Development Programs (SDPs)
  4. Intensive Motivation Campaigns (IMCs)

Latest Training Campaigns:

MSME Schemes

The government of India announced a lot of schemes for the entrepreneurs. To check the list of schemes click here:

MSME Website:

Ministry of MSME:

Development Commissioner of MSME:

Contact Number: 040-23078857

Help Line number: 040-23078131/133

Email id Service:

Address Info

Sri D. Chandra Sekhar,
Additional Industrial Adviser,
MSME-DI Hyderabad,
Narsapur X Road,

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