10 Interesting Facts about the Charminar

Facts of Charminar – चारमीनार के तथ्य

The Charminar is the global icon of the Hyderabad, Telangana state. This is the landmark for the many monuments in Telangana. It is also listed as the most well known structure of India. Get to Know about the History of Charminar and its unknown facts here.

Here you can find the lot of facts and truths which makes the Charminar more captivating among the tourists. This is the list of interesting facts about the Charminar located in Hyderabad.

10. Historical Age

The Charminar was constructed since 450 years back and it is named as the oldest monument in Telangana state. The structure of the monument is very strong and also well maintained.

9. Secret Passageways and stories.

In Charminar, you can find many secret passageways between the Golconda castle and monument. You can also hear the rumors on the treasures being buried in Charminar. As of now, no one has found the mysterious ways and treasures.

8. Heart of the Hyderabad

The Charminar can be intentionally called the Heart of the city. The Hyderabad city was deliberated over a gridiron design along with the 2 main roads near to the Charminar and runs east to west and north to south.

7. Charminar Implication

Charminar deserves a lot of religious importance. It was constructed by Quli Qutb Shah and the people understand that the king has made to the Allah.

6. Denote the finish of disease

The Hyderabad city is constructed with an excellent thought. The famous King Quli Qutb Shah had constructed the monument as a memory when the damaging plague was got in the city.

5. Major Multi Storeyed structure

Many builders and constructors are declared that they constructed the 1st multi-storeyed building in the Hyderabad city. But it is fake news. The great Charminar is the 1st multi-storeyed construction with the excellent ancient features in Hyderabad.

4. Making Cat’s head inside the Charminar

Inside the Charminar you can find a cat head, it was built and designed in the eastern side and top of the bends. The reason behind constructing the cats head is that cats are attacked by the rats in Hyderabad city. This incident is nearly destroyed the Hyderabad city at one time.

3. Diverse Type of Spiritual opinion co-exists peace.

The Charminar is a sign of many beliefs lives in a lonely place. The Bhagyalakshmi temple and Makka Masjid are the religious synchronizations of the Hyderabad city.

2. Creativeness of Iranians

The King Quli Qutb Shah was captivated by Isfahan city monuments and later the king believed to build the same in Hyderabad. You can see all Iran towns with monuments. They created very well these all monuments.

1. Charminar constructed for honoring the Woman

We all know that the Charminar built by Quli Qutb Shah for the memory of his late wife. Charminar shows the symbol of affection and pure love.

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