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About IT Telangana

The IT Telangana (Information Technology) industry was introduced as a department of Finance and Planning (G.O Rt. No. 2025 GA) and department dated 09th May of 1997, the IT (Information Technology) industry and Communications industry (IT &C) was given an independent status in 11th of September 2000 in Telangana State

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The Units administered by the Information Technology and Communications (IT &C) Department

TSTC (Telangana State Technology Services) is focusing on E-Governance (Electronic Governance), for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) initiatives it is providing the facilities of consultancy, procurement services and implementation support to the government organization.

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EDS (Commissioner, Electronically Deliverable Service)

EDS (Commissioner, Electronically Deliverable Service) is also know as “E – Seva” which currently calling as “Mee Seva” which is a New technology-rich E-Governance (Electronic Governance) initiative using the teamwork of state IT (Information Technology) infrastructure such as TSDC (Telangana State Data Centre), DS (Digital Signatures), TSWAN (Telangana State Wide Area Network) and SSDG (State Service Delivery Gateway).

For More Information regarding EDS (Commissioner, Electronically Deliverable Service) via Mee Seva visit Telangana Mee Seva Official Website

SoFTNET (Society for Telangana State Network)

SoFTNET (Society for Telangana State Network) is also one of an initiative area from Information Technology Department and Electronics and Communications Department of Telangana State in order to provide standard education by utilizing the probable of SC (Satellite Communications) and IT (Information Technology)

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TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill Knowledge)

TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill Knowledge) is the key of Information Technology (IT) Telangana in order to enhance the employability for young graduates in Telangana State and also to choose different paths while they are pursuing graduate. TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill Knowledge) enables the combination platform between govt. Academia and industry in order to enhance research, skills and entrepreneurship among youngsters in Telangana State.

Few main initiatives at TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill Knowledge)

  • Conducting the programs of Soft Skill Development for graduates
  • Conducting the programs of Faculty Development for faculties at colleges
  • In combination with JNTU (Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University) and HYSEA (Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association) initiating the upcoming product innovations among faculties and students
  • In combining with ISB (Indian School of Business) conducting the program of Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Implementation of ESDM (Electronics System Design and Manufacturing) Scheme
  • E-Learning (Electronic Learning) Programs
  • Conducting the programs in combining with IIIT – Hyderabad, IIT – Hyderabad, NIT – Warangal and BITS Pilani

For More Details regarding TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill Knowledge) visit Telangana Official Website

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Telangana T-Hub

 Telangana T-Hub is also one of the upcoming projects of Telangana which is implementing in various districts of Telangana State

Important Details of Information Technology Department of Telangana