National Food Security Act and its primary areas of focus

National Food Security Act, also known as the Right to Food Act, was launched in the year 2013 by the Indian Parliament. Its primary aim is providing essential commodities and food grains at hugely subsidized prices to 1.2 billion inhabitants of the country. The Public Distribution System’s beneficiaries get rice, coarse grains, wheat, etc. every month with the help of their ration cards provided by the Civil Supplies Department of their state.

Main areas of focus:

  1. TPDS enabled subsidized prices

One kg of rice, wheat, etc. are distributed at Rs 1/2/3 every month, depending on the type of ration card of the cardholder.

  1. Identifying the families in need

In all states, the food department recognizes eligible families who need help from the government for feeding their families.

  1. Nutritional support to children and women

Khadya Vibhag provides meals to children from 6 months of age to 14 years. The two types of programs are MDM (Mid-Day Meals) and ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services). These programs have been launched for those children who are malnourished and whose nutritional norms are higher.

  1. Empowerment of Women

In a family, the eldest woman above 18 years of age is considered the household’s head while issuing a ration card to the family.

  1. Maternity Benefit

Lactating mothers and also pregnant ladies are provided maternity benefit. The amount will be more than Rs 6,000.

  1. Food Security

There are also provisions for allowance of food security for the beneficiaries if the food grains that they are entitled to are not supplied on time. If you do not have a ration card, now you can apply for a ration card online.

  1. Penalty

Public servants, if found lacking in their duty of providing food assigned to the needy families, will be subject to penalty from the authority.

List of State wise PDS,EPDS,Food and Civil supplies portals-India

National Food Security Act

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