IHHL Scheme

About IHHL Scheme

IHHL Application Form: After Modi Government started their rule over India the first thing they had introduced was the concept of Swachh Bharat. It made clear that it the duty of every citizen of India to promote cleanliness, not only in their home but in the nation too. As the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan continues different new propaganda were taken and action is done on them so that India could become ‘nirmal.’ The IHHL scheme or Individual Household Latrine Scheme by the government is another such active step that aims at making India cleaner, especially rural India.


What is Individual Household Latrine Scheme?

As mentioned, one of the main goals of Swachh Bharat Urban campaign is to ensure that open defecation is reduced to the maximum, mainly in rural India. They aim to construct 12 million toilets in villages. It hoped that after there are enough toilets in every household in the nation men and women will no more try out open defecation.

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For this one need to fill the individual household latrine (IHHL) application. The first step towards doing this getting registered at the Individual Household Latrine Scheme website. For this, they need to provide different information like their name, email, address, the mobile number there. They also need to furnish identity documents. After all this, they will receive the login id that will help them to process further. Once the IHHL Application completed they can start getting aid from the government for the construction of latrine at their home.

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IHHL Application Form

For individual IHHL Application Form Visit Swachh Bharat urban Official Website: http://swachhbharaturban.gov.in/ihhl/InvestorRegistration.aspx

IHHL Scheme application
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Why is Scheme of IHHL necessary?

Many people are still with the thought that what the necessity of such a Scheme of IHHL is when Indians are practising this habit for ages and there are no such issues. There lies the question that whether there are any issues or not? The website www.swachhbharaturban.gov.in makes it clear that in order to make India clean it is necessary to clean it from the roots. If you have only clean and beautiful roads in the cities it will not reflect the true nature of the country as more than 70% people of this nation lives in rural places.

IHHL Application Form
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Open defecation has the different bad effect on the health of the rural people. Whatever left has carried by the flies and then it consumed by people only that include children too. That’s why often it has found that there some epidemic in the villages which taking the toll on many lives. Moreover, people are unaware of providing dignity to the women that are also most important in this country. By practising this mission it is possible to reduce all this. And ensure that Indian are safe whether they live in villages or cities.

By visiting SBMonlineone gather more information about the scheme. To promote this awareness everybody had tried something or other from their behalf. There are movies that have introduced the necessity of Toilets in every home. Even recently Kashmir Government has not given salary to 12 employees. As they do not have the toilet at their home. With such efforts, it hoped that within a few days every Indian will understand the importance of this mission. And participate in online SBMto promote this mission.