LIC Kanyadan Policy

14 Lakh Rupees offered through LIC Kanyadan Policy for Girl’s Marriage

LIC or Life Insurance Corporation as it is popularly known has come up with in numerous policies targeting the upliftment of the child. This is one of the best of such scheme that launched recently is the lic kanyadan policy. This scheme has been designed to cover daughter’s education & marriage. Thus, it does prove to be the perfect financial gift for parents who are eager to see their beloved daughter to have a great life. This policy has managed to provide girls with more independent life and excellent future.

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Lic kanyadan policy details

Saving precious money for the girl’s marriage can pose to be a big major problem for almost all parents. If the person assumes that he has sufficient time to save money for the marriage, then he is completely wrong. It will be wise to take up kanyadan policy, so as to offer the daughter with financial security, good education, and marriage. This policy can help the parents to stop worrying about her school, college and wedding expenses. It also safeguards the daughter from the unwanted hazard of the future.

Kanyadan yojna – The new plan to protect the girl child

  • This plan allows the policyholder to save just Rs.70/day. It will provide a total amount of Rs. 14 lakhs during the daughter’s marriage.
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  • Kanyadaan scheme does allow the daughter with sufficient financial freedom. This policy covers the daughter’s college fees as well as provides her with financial stability.
  • Even after marriage, the policy can offer the daughter with financial independence.
  • Premium amount needs to pay just for a particular time frame like 20, 15, 10, 6 and 1 years.
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Say for example, if the father’s age is 30 years and the daughter’s age is 1 year, deposited amount is Rs. 60/day, with the locking period being 25 years, then the amount received on maturity is Rs. 13.50 lakh! Going through can help the shopper to get to know the details about this policy and to check out the eligibility and the maturity amount that can be derived on different premium amounts, tenure, and ages.

Kanyadan Scheme benefits:

As stated the industry experts, lic kanyadan policy chart is viewed online by millions of Indians who want to give their daughter a much secure and financially independent future. People in huge numbers been adopting this particular policy, instead of relying on mutual funds. This offline policy availed through an authorized LIC agent. It is a Lifetime Policy, which means, the coverage will be provided throughout the tenure of the child, who is the main policy holder. For instance, if something unfortunate happens to the parent, who is making the premium payment, there will be immediate stopping of the premium. An amount of Rs. 5 lakh will be provided to the daughter immediate. However, if the parent dies due to an unfortunate accident, then Rs. 10 lakh is provided to the daughter for giving her a secured financial future.

Therefore, this is a must avail LIC policy for all parents having a lovely daughter.


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