Patna High Court

The headquarters of the Patna High Court is located in the city of Patna, capital of the state of Bihar. It began to be built in 1913, and officially began its functions in 1916, composed of the Chief Justice and six puisine Judges. It had jurisdiction over Civil, Criminal, Admiralty, Matrimonial, Enrolment, Testamentary and Intestate areas, among others. Here we will describe some details about the history of this court, about who is its current Chief Justice and other curiosities.

About High Court of Patna

The High Court of Patna has been expanding over the years. In 1947 it already had nine permanent and three additional Judges that made up the sanctioned strength of the Court. Due to the separation of the province of Orissa, the court ceased to have jurisdiction over that territory from 1948, as a new court would be created exclusively for the new province. In 1952 the sanctioned strength increased to 13 permanent judges, and a year later the 14th permanent judge was added. In 2005 and 2012 the Jamui and Sheohar Judgeship were created respectively, and the number of permanent judges of the state of Bihar increased to 31, which is maintained until today.

If the Case finds an issue on closing at Patna High Court then having a option to transfer the cases to Supreme Court of India

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Chief Justice of Patna

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The current Chief Justice of Patna is the Hon’ble Justice Rajendra Menon. He was born on June 7, 1957, and graduated in Law School at the NSE Law College in 1981. He began practicing as a lawyer immediately for several companies in the public and private sectors. In 2002, he was promoted to work as an Additional Judge in the Madhya Pradesh High Court and was transferred to several of the additional Benches of this court. From 2015 to 2016 he is Chief Justice of the Madhya Pradesh High Court, and in 2017 he obtains the position of Chief Justice of Patna High Court.

Supreme Court of India

Patna High Court Case Status

Patna high court case status
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There is a simple way to access the databases of pending cases to be examined at the Patna High Court, those that have already been completed and that have a verdict, the Fax Status from Police Station, and the List of Defective Tokens. You can find all of that through the website of the High Court Patna, where there is a drop-down menu of “Patna High Court Case Status“, and you can locate your case according to data such as: the Token No.; the Petitioner or Respondent Name; the A.O.R. Number; the Fax Status Police Station; among others.

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Patna High Court Website: http://patnahighcourt.gov.in

Patna High Court Contact Number: 0612 250 4088

Patna High Court Address details:

Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg,

Veerchand Patel Road, 



Pincode: 800028