Supreme Court Case Status

Supreme Court Case Status

Supreme Court is India’s prominent judicial forum & final court of the appeal. It consisting the Chief Justice along with 30 sanctioned extra judges. The supreme court has immense powers in the form of appellate, original & advisory jurisdictions.

By the Supreme court of India you can get all information like pending cases or resolved cases of the Supreme Court. The all required data can be updated daily in the internal database of the court. Here you can get the details of the Supreme Court case status process.

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supreme court of India case status
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To check the Court Case Status: www.supremecourtofindia.nic.in/case-status

After the entering to the site, you has an option to check the case status from these steps like Diary number, Case Number, Party Name, AOR, Court or Tribunal and more. To check the status of the case, you need to enter case number given to you and select the type of case along with the year and then submit. You will find required details of case status.

If you want to check the Court or Tribunal details, then choose the type of court along with state, Bench and enter the case details and ordered date and then submit. You will get the Tribunal information of your case.

Supreme Court of India

It the User doesn’t get the information, then the user can also search by entering the text in Free Text option located in the Case status category. Enter the text and then select the dates as well.

By entering the Party’s Name of the case and enter the Petitioner/respondent along with the year and also choose the case status then you can find the relevant information of your case.

For more information and to check the case status, visit: http://www.supremecourtofindia.nic.in

Supreme Court of India Website: http://www.supremecourtofindia.nic.in

The Supreme Court of India Contact Number: 011-2338894223388922

Supreme Court of India Fax Numbers: 011-2338158423381508

The Supreme Court of India Email id Service: supremecourt@nic.in

Supreme Court of India Address Info:

The Registrar,
Supreme Court of India
Tilak Marg, New Delhi
Pincode: 110201