Telangana Pahani -తెలంగాణ పహాణి

About Telangana Pahani

Pahani is a legal document proving ownership of agricultural land.  Also called Adangal, this document contains pertinent details such as type, extent and survey number of the land, its water source, the current farming landowner and the owners’ particulars.

Telangana Pahani is annually updated by Village Revenue Officer (VRO) & updated yearly to verify the information written is still accurate and also relevant. In the state of Telangana, you can apply for a copy of a Pahani and also get it in about 15 minutes for a fee of about Rs.35 per copy, in the nearest meeseva or e-seva.

You only have to provide details like the Mandal, District, Village and Survey Number.  For land records older than 2009, you can check the meeseva servers. Dharani Telangana is the new website developed for checking land records for Telangana State.

Search for your Pahani(మీ పహాణి) & Grama Pahani (గ్రామ పహాణి) details step by step at Mabhoomi  or   http://mabhoomi.telangana.gov.in 

Telangana Pahani
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LRUP Government of Telangana

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi government launched a mammoth undertaking called the Land Records Updating and Purification Programme.

It was launched on 15 September 2017 with a three-and-a-half month of massive updating and computerization of revenue records helping the government in eliminating land disputes due to the improper handling and maintenance of land records.

It was the hope of the government that after this Herculean task, clarity would be shed on the ownership and extent of the land and on its present occupants.

Land Records Updating and Purification Programme

Officials went to every house in all the villages to acquire revenue details.  They gave out form I-B to landowners and asked them to certify the accuracy of the details written in the form.

Landowners should sign it.  Once the signature affixed, it will upload to the database in the computer. More details regarding Land Records Updating and Purification Programme visit Telangana Official Website: http://ccla.telangana.gov.in

Image Source: mabhoomi.telangana.gov.in

 Telangana Land Records

It was a much-needed exercise, considering that since the first survey and settlement in Nizam State in 1932 and 1934, there was only one survey that followed.  That was in 1954 when the State of Hyderabad finalized Khasra Pahani.  The farmers merely received Khata numbers and survey numbers as proof of possession.

A good seven decades followed, but concerns on land records were overlooked.  The records were decaying.  Naturally, this situation led to a lot of land disputes and litigation.

The Land Records Updating and Purification Programme is the government’s answer to the people’s clamour, especially those coming from the agricultural sector, to get them out of the inevitable land disputes between tenants and land-owners.

It is also an assurance that there will be clarity and transparency not just in the existing records but also in future land transactions, registrations and purchases.

Telangana Land Records
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Layout Regularisation Scheme (LRS)

Also launched in November of 2017, in line with the LRUP is the Land Regularisation Scheme to update and also to regularise unauthorized building layouts.  Several applications are pending due to non-payment of fees and lack of proper documentation.

As a solution to this, the Principal Secretary, Municipal Administration Arvind Kumar ordered the extension of the deadline of the said regularisation to March 31, 2018.

Land Records Updating and Purification Programme
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Important Details of Adangal