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Digitize India Platform online registration: Know how to earn online money

The introduction of high-speed internet and the advanced gadgets and devices easily available to the common man, across the globe, have completely revolutionized how people work and earn money through Digitize India. Gone are the days, when people had to go to offices, factories or do business at physical establishments. These days, the web has opened a plethora of options to those who seek to earn money from the convenience and comfort of the home or from a cybercafe. The Government of India launched NITI Aayog for the Transformation of India to Digital Field. Recently, GOI launched UMANG App to get the all e-Governance services at one place through this app.

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Earn genuine money from the web

As a matter of fact, there are numerous ways by which money can earn the easy way through the online portals. But care should take to ensure that only reputed portals are chosen for the purpose to earn money. This is because not all sites assuring 100% earning is considered to be safe. Few are found to scrupulous and will only make the person to waste precious time, effort and money. One such site that can rely upon to earn sure money by performing data entry work online is www.digitizeIndia.gov.in. With some understanding and research, it is possible to earn money online through easy to do data entry work from digitizing India.

About Digital India Platform

It is considered to be an initiative taken by Government of India under Digital India Program. Documents can be digitized by any government, autonomous department or organisation through digitizing India registration. The purpose of registration with digitizing India is to accelerate up governmental work. It was on July 1st, 2015 that this initiative has been taken under digital India platform.

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Functioning of digital India platform (DIP)

How does DIP work?

  • It collects data in different images from the innumerous government organizations, spread across the country.
  • To work with, the contributor is provided with this digital image.
  • The words present in the image then typed by the digital contributor.
  • Once done, the computer program thoroughly checks for word mistakes. All correct entries are eligible for reward points, which get accumulated to redeem later on.
  • Then DIP program collects the correctly entered data and sends them across to the different concerned departments.

Digital India platform registration details

Know the eligibility to enter and register online with this DIP program

  • Only Indian citizen allowed to register with this online data entry work program.
  • Need to have good knowledge of computer and typing skills
  • Need to have valid Aadhar card to enter this program
  • The bank account is to link with Aadhar Number, where the income from work will deposit by the concerned authorities.
  • Possess smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.
  • Besides the above, no specialization or specific academic certification is necessary to enroll with digital India.

Know the benefits derived from this program

Some of the benefits given below:

  • Joining this initiative will ensure deriving plenty of benefits.
  • Being a digital activist, the worker is sure to get official recognition to foster his future income programs.
  • Those unemployed can do this work as part-time along with another full-time job to earn extra income for the family.
  • Working under this initiative will help the person to avail Data Entry Operator Certificate from the concerned Government Authorities. This can prove to be useful to enhance future online data entry work.
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Digital India data entry: What is the income from this program?

Firstly, those who have basic knowledge of computer or smartphone and know how to type fast can enjoy working under this initiative. The job involves typing words within the image provided for which points will be provided. Here, a point stands for earning 2 (two) paise. Typing the word correctly will help the worker to earn 1 point. Apart from this, those who have better typing sped can easily complete the bulk volume of data entry work. Good speed can help them to earn around Rs. 150 to 200 within a small time frame of 2 to 3 hours!

How will money receive from DIP?

Since it is a government initiative, people who have registered for this particular job do not have to worry about scams or money related problems. Getting what has earned through this program is easy and effortless. But it does require some understanding to make the entire withdrawal process to seem effective and easy.

For withdrawal of income from the digitizing program, it is necessary to first redeem the accumulated reward points. Those interested in charity can also donate the amount accumulated to someone known or those in need. Apart from this, if desired, the amount earned through this program can transfer to the bank account which linked with the Aadhar card number.  If any problem faced with the withdrawal process, the person can always contact the managers through the portal by sending them their query and problem faced. The reply can expect within a few business days and solutions availed quickly. Unlike other data entry jobs, this government initiative completely safe and doing this work not only helps to earn money but also provides an opportunity for everyone to promote “Digital India”.

Online digitize India registration

The registration process with DIP is quite simple. Going through the below-mentioned steps can make the process much more simple and quick.

  • First, log onto the official website https://digitizeindia.gov.in
  • On the Site’s Homepage, register by clicking the link ‘Register Now’.
  • The screen then displays a Registration form
  • This form is to fill up properly and correctly with the necessary details along with Aadhar Number.
  • Once done, Aadhar Number is to validate with verification
  • Next, enter the username, password and other relevant details required to log in and then hit on ‘Register Now’ button.
  • Once done, now, log into the portal with registered username & password to enter the account.
  • Visit ‘My Account’ & enter self-details in the profile
  • After this, fill up bank account profile
  • The account set up and ready to earn money!!
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The above are the steps to register with Digitize India and to start earning money from online data entry work!!

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