Meebhoomi AP

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About Mee Bhoomi AP

An innovative project of the Andra Pradesh government launched the ‘ MeeBhoomi AP, which is a digital Depository of land records of the AP state. You can easily search for a land record by keying in your land’s survey number or your Pattadar number, or even your Aadhaar card number.  This gives you access to information such as its area, soil type, water source, assessment, liabilities, tenancy, nature of possession of the land, and even the crops that grow on the land.


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How to Check Adangal Records in Mee Bhoomi AP?

Adangal records provide the details of Land Projects, Land Records, Field Area, Survey Number, Crops and Cultivation details etc..,

To Check Adangal Records follow the simple steps given below:

Step – 1: Firstly visit Mee Bhoomi AP Official Website

Step2: Mouse over on Adangal (అడంగల్) located on the menu bar of Mee Bhoomi and click “Your Adangal” (మీ అడంగల్).

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Step – 3: Now enter your details like District Name, Mandal Name, Village Name, Survey Number and Captcha code displayed on the screen and select “Click”

Step4: Then you will get the land details like graduator name and name of the father and click on any one of the details

Step – 5: Now you will get all the information like A/C Number, Land Area, How much of land area is under cultivation, Irrigation Type etc

How to Check Adangal Records in Mee Bhoomi AP Using Aadhaar Number?

In order to check Adangal Records follow the same procedure as mentioned above but at step – 3 before you enter the like District Name, Mandal Name, Village Name select “Aadhaar Number” (ఆధార్ నెంబర్) and continue the process to Check Adangal Records in Mee Bhoomi AP Using Aadhaar Number

Mee Bhoomi AP is also available as an application available in Android Operating Systems

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