TSRTC-Telangana State Road Transport Corporation

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The State Road Transport Corporation of Telangana

Telangana State Road Transport Corporation is a company established in the year 2014 and owned by the state government of Telangana. It offers transport services in the state of Telangana. There are several other states in India like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, etc. that are connected with TSRTC services.

The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) is the state’s own transportation company of Telangana state in India. It has been separated from the Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation in 2015. Metro cities in states such as Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Odisha and Chhattisgarh have connections with the organization. This institution provides about 9.2 million people per day. The company has three zones and 94 depots.


Nearly 89.4 lakh people served by this company every single day. There are 96 depots from which they operate their services. For more information about TSRTC, visit the TSRTC official website which is www.tsrtconline.in.

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History of the creation of TSRTC

In 1932, as a part of Nizam State Railway, the first institution in the state of Telangana established by the Road Transport Corporation. Its name is ‘Nizam State Rail and Road Transport Department’ (NSR-RTD). The company merged with the state of Hyderabad on November 1, 1951. In 1932, the government had nationalized roads and operated buses. NSR-RTI company merged with Hyderabad State. Initially, 27 buses and 166 workers were started.

The Nizam State Rail & Road Transport Department of Telangana has founded the road transport system in Telangana in the year 1932 with 166 employees and 27 buses.

After the state of Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated into Telangana, Telangana RTC started functioning as an independent entity from 3rd June 2015. The State Road Transport Corporation of Telangana comes under the 1950’s Road Transport Corporation Act.

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TSRTC has three zones, Hyderabad, Greater Hyderabad and Karimnagar. The company has 95 depots and 357 bus stations in 11 regions.

Service types

Plot bus in the Metro Express Ashok Leyland Semi

Garuda Plus Valvo B9R

The company has services like Vennela, Garuda, Garuda Plus, Rajdhani, Indra, Deluxe, Super Luxury, Express, Pallewaw and Hyderabad City buses. TSRTC bus service run by Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is entitled “Pushpak”.

Current services

Advance Reservation Facility is provided by this company on-line reservation system

Type of service                                                      number

Garuda Plus (AC Semi-Sleeper Multi Axle)         32
Garuda AC Semi-Sleeper Volvo / Isuzu)              36
Indra / Capital (2 + 2 AC Semi-Sleeper)             109
The moonlight (AC Sleeper)                                     4
Super Luxury (2 + 2 Non-AC Pushback)             504
Deluxe (2 + 2 Non-AC)                                            149
Express (3 + 2 Non-AC)                                           185

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Premium services of the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation

TS RTC offers several types of services connecting cities, towns, and villages depending on the requirements of the passengers. The services divided by TSRTC based on the comfort level of the journey. The three types of services are:

1. Premium Services

Here you will find the air-conditioned buses of the following types:

  • Vajra

The tagline of Vajra is “mobility defined.” These minibusses with AC go to several colonies & pick up passengers from their doorsteps.

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  • Rajdhani

Rajdhani Buses can be considered as a dike between “Super Luxury” which is of mid-level and “Garuda Plus” which is of the premium level.

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  • Garuda Plus

Garuda Plus buses, multi-axle buses operated by TSRTC equipped with TV and reclining seats.

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  • Vennela

Among the bus services operated by Telangana State Road Transport Corporation, Vennela is the best. It offers ultimate comfort.

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  • Garuda

Garuda buses are bi-axle Isuzu and Volvo buses. These buses aim to offer passengers a superior experience of traveling.

2. Mid-level Services

Mid-level services are of three types:

  • Deluxe

These 2+2 intercity services not air-conditioned. The color of the buses is always violet, and most of them are of Eicher, Tata, etc.

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  • Super Luxury

The 2+2 bus services, air-conditioned & run from big cities. The video coaches play current movies for the entertainment of the passengers.

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  • Express

The 3+2 services, not air-conditioned and run inside the city. They come in dark blue and light blue colors.

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3. Entry-level Services

Entry-level services include ordinary buses or “Pallevelugu.” Air-conditioned buses in the city branded as “City Sheetal” and “Metro Luxury” The buses carry passengers to & Pro from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport known as “Pushpak” .

These categories of services are not mixed with other local services like Trisulam, Merupu, and Ramabanam.

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