Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation-GHMC

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About GHMC

The full form of GHMC is Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Hyderabad is the capital city of the state of Telangana. It is a civic body that acts as a local governing body for all the cities of Hyderabad and also Secunderabad. The jurisdiction of this corporation covers a large area which comes under the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority. Almost 64 ex officio members are there along with 5 MPs of Lok Sabha. This ghmc takes a huge responsibility for the welfare of the cities under it.

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The history of this corporation

Hyderabad Municipal Board was formed in 1869. It was the first time for Hyderabad to witness the administration of Municipality. Earlier it was controlled by the police commissioner of the city. A Municipal Commissioner was appointed in the same year. At that point of time, the population of the city was near about 3.5 lakhs, and the area was almost 55 square km. Later it expanded up to 84 square km in the year 1921.

The formation of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation occurred in 2017. There were 12 municipalities and almost 8 Gram panchayats under this corporation. It has 5 different zones to control the area accurately. These zones are known as words, and each zone consists of almost 37000 people. It has an overall Commissioner who is an IAS officer. Different zonal Commissioners also takes responsibility for it. All of them have various duties to perform. There is a standing committee of this corporation that takes all the vital decisions for the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. The role of this committee is very crucial.

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The services offered by this corporation

The service provided by this Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is excellent. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has several departments to deal with different issues. Some of the services provided by this corporation include town planning, different disaster management, calculating and collecting the ghmc property tax, tax collection for the vacant land in a particular area. This corporation also does the job of issuing a trade license. It is very much necessary for any business. GHMC also looks at the issues related to health and sanitation. It is the responsibility of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation to check whether the people of the community are getting the proper health care service or not. Beautification is also very important for any city. It gives a unique and different look to the city. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has established many parks and playgrounds for the benefit of the local people.

This corporation also gives you the probation to get the services online. It is indeed a marvelous initiative. If you don’t have time to go to the local administration center or if you don’t want to stand there in a long queue, you can visit the official website. The services which you can get online are the submission of the application for building, trade license, no objection certificate for fire security, etc. You can also apply here if you want to start a new trade. You will get all the necessary information on their official website.

The following are the GHMC Services:

  1. Town Planning
  2. Disaster Management
  3. Grievance
  4. UCD
  5. Property Tax
  6. Vacant Land Tax
  7. Trade License
  8. Health and Sanitation
  9. Advertisements
  10. Parks and Urban Bio-Diversity
  11. Sports and Playgrounds
  12. Engineering Works
  13. Elections
  14. Traffic and Transportation
  15. CSR


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